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29830 punters turned up at Stadio Tottinho, and despite threatening clouds on the horizon, no rain came. was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Gabriel Andrei and Edmund Foltyn. Lineup: Vörös - Berzsenyi, Győrffy, Csomós, Kasznár, Lukovics - Czupek, Ombodi, Csépán, Bánk - Hostisóczki.

They fielded: Goudiaby - Sarra, Thiangue, Boussou - Malack, Fadiga, Ba, Bocoum - Mbacke, Kabely, Thiangue.

Magyarország started the game in a 5-4-1 formation, whereas Senegal lined up in a 3-4-3 formation. Magyarország clearly had decided to counter-attack when they could, taking advantage of their utopian level with that tactic. Ibrahima Bocoum sailed high above the opponents as he headed in a corner kick from Keba Boussou after 3 minutes of play, making the score 0 - 1. Magyarország tried to even things up by sending a long ball towards the centrally placed strikers, but the visitors' defence got the best of this rather direct style of play. With 19 minutes played, Senegal put themselves up 0 - 2 after an attack from the right, caused by a defensive blunder. The scorer was Keba Boussou. Magyarország's János Csépán got himself booked for a foul. Halftime score was 0 - 2. Senegal claimed to have seen most of the ball, and the statistics agreed with them - possession being 52 percent.

Content with how the game was proceeding, the Senegal coach let Ibra Kaloga replace Balla Kabely after 46 minutes. Mamadou Thiangue wanted to play on, but the Senegal coach had other ideas, and he was replaced 46 minutes into the game by Thierno Mendy. The coach of Senegal was happy with the game so far, but still wanted to change the line up. After 46 minutes, Mactar Diawara came on for Baaba Mbacke. Magyarország didn't give in and with 49 minutes played Csongor Lukovics was able to make the score 1 - 2 after an attack on the right. The opposing supporters gave the referee an earful when he only gave Marcell Győrffy from Magyarország a yellow card after a mistimed challenge from behind 60 minutes into the game. That was far too lenient! Magyarország mounted an inspired counterattack down the right wing after 74 minutes, but Ádám Hostisóczki was unable to convert from short range. Ibra Kaloga was unable to continue, following a slight injury to his left knee after 76 minutes. It was a critical moment for the team, as there were no substitutes on the bench for the injured player. Magyarország almost scored after a swift counterattack 79 minutes into the game, but Zoltán Berzsenyi put the shot from the left flank just outside the goal. Although the whole team were struggling to impress, Magyarország's Dénes Kasznár was singled out as being the problem as he was called off the pitch after 81 minutes. Gyula Élő was given a chance to change things around. The bench was restless, and with 81 minutes passed Magyarország's coach gave Zsolt 'Gigant' Téglási the opportunity the player had been hoping for. István Csomós reluctantly left the field. As the captain was no longer on the pitch, János Vörös took over the role of being the Magyarország captain. After 81 minutes, Magyarország switched Ádám Hostisóczki with László Vereska, hoping for a quick impact on the pitch. The Magyarország players listened closely to their manager, as he gave new tactical instructions for the team. 81 minutes in, Magyarország's Gotlíb Bánk received a yellow card for going into a challenge studs first. As the match nears its end, the referee has deemed it appropriate to add 1 minute as stoppage time. The match ends 1 - 2. Senegal enjoyed most of the ball, as they maintained 55 percent of possession.

The most dominating Magyarország player was without a doubt László Vereska. However, Gyula Élő made a disastrous appearance. Most important Senegal player was Mactar Diawara. Eumeudi Sarra on the other hand, had a terrible day.

Rating details

Midfield passable (high) solid (very low) 23 25 6/20 7/20
Right defence divine (high) supernatural (very high) 79 56 20/20 14/20
Central defence utopian (very high) extra-terrestrial (low) 76 62 19/20 16/20
Left defence divine (+2) (very low) titanic (high) 85 59 22/20 15/20
Right attack titanic (very low) formidable (very high) 57 36 15/20 9/20
Central attack weak (high) excellent (high) 15 31 4/20 8/20
Left attack formidable (high) formidable (low) 35 34 9/20 9/20
Indirect set pieces
Defence formidable (very high) formidable (low) 36 34 9/20 9/20
Attack inadequate (low) solid (very low) 18 25 5/20 7/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Counter-attacks Normal
Tactic skill utopian (no tactic) 19 (no tactic) 19/20
Style of play 100% Defensive Neutral

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0 - 1  Ibrahima Bocoum 3'
0 - 2  Keba Boussou 19'
1 - 2  Csongor Lukovics 49'
1 booking accumulated János Csépán 35'
1 booking accumulated Marcell Győrffy 60'
1 booking accumulated Gotlíb Bánk 81'
Got injured Ibra Kaloga 76'
Formation Out  Balla Kabely
In  Ibra Kaloga
Defensive To  Normal
3-4-3  To  4-4-2
Formation Out  Mamadou Thiangue
In  Thierno Mendy
4-4-2  To  5-4-1
Formation Out  Baaba Mbacke
In  Mactar Diawara
5-4-1  To  5-5-0
Substitution Out Ibra Kaloga
In No substitute
Substitution Out  Dénes Kasznár
In  Gyula Élő
Substitution Out  István Csomós
In  Zsolt 'Gigant' Téglási
Substitution Out  Ádám Hostisóczki
In  László Vereska
Behaviour László Vereska
Towards Wing  To  Defensive



Chance distribution

Home Away
6 6

1 Left attack 1
2 Central attack 1
3 Right attack 2
0 Other 1
0 Special events 1

Replays (20 times)

Home Draw Away
9 9 2

1,9 Average goals 1,1

This shows the results of 20 extra simulations of this game.
0 - 1
0 - 2
Yellow card
1 - 2
Yellow card
Got injured
New behaviour
Yellow card

Rating details

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Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defence formidable (very high) formidable (low) 36 34 9/20 9/20
Attack inadequate (low) solid (very low) 18 25 5/20 7/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Counter-attacks Normal
Tactic skill utopian (no tactic) 19 (no tactic) 19/20
Style of play 100% Defensive Neutral

Average ratings

Total player experience outstanding (low) solid (high) 38 27 10/20 7/20
Average midfield passable (high) solid (very low) 23 25 6/20 7/20
Average defence divine (very high) titanic (high) 80 59 20/20 15/20
Average attack formidable (very high) formidable (low) 36 34 9/20 9/20
Total average magnificent (low) outstanding (high) 46 39 12/20 10/20


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