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Weather conditions were fairly good for football, and Tears Point saw a crowd turnout of 12000. Pracha Napattalung was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Damien Bruneau and Anders Lannerbrant. They fielded: Looney - Muhammad, Baber, Mclean, Brown - Soley, Hann, Spencer, Siggins - Ashern, Sheppard.

The following players had been chosen: Ruffle - Banks, Quaid, Dey, Page - MacKlanachen, Jeacock, Hamor, Breacker - Brown, Kelly.

As the teams spread out over the pitch, it became clear that they would both be using a 4-4-2 formation today. The celebrations in the stands could only mean one thing - Alan Hann's free kick had found the back of the net and put Phoenix ahead 1 - 0! Stanway tied it all up, 12 minutes in, after a spectacular goal by Ben Dey, who miraculously broke through the home side's central defence, making it 1 - 1. Stephen Banks gave the visitors the lead 18 minutes into the match to make it 1 - 2. The goal was scored from the penalty spot after a handball in the penalty area. The crowd chanted their encouragement as Phoenix's Davie Ashern came in from the right after 19 minutes and put the ball in the net to level the score at 2 - 2. Davie Ashern acted with superior experience when, 24 minutes into the match, he predicted a pass, intercepted it and then finished off with a goal. 3 - 2 for Phoenix! The visitors' equaliser seemed sure to come after 25 minutes, following a one on one situation around the left hand side of the goal area, but John Looney got the best of it, blocking the shot from Neil Kelly. 27 minutes into the match, the visitors' central line of defence had to look on as Alan Hann broke through, making the score 4 - 2 for Phoenix. It was 4 - 2 at the break. Possession in the forty-five minutes was dominated by Phoenix, with 54 percent of the ball.

Stanway managed to reduce the score to 4 - 3 as Dennis MacKlanachen finished off a well-played combination from the left, easily carving through the defence. Phoenix's Craig Soley swung in a good chance from the left, but the visitors' defence were able to clear the ball. Some brilliant football from the visitors' right wing resulted in a levelling of the score as Stanway's Jacob Breacker put the ball in the onion bag after 83 minutes to make it 4 - 4. After 84 minutes, Stanway's Scott Hamor made his way through the middle and nonchalantly placed the ball out of the keeper's reach, putting the visitors up 4 - 5. As the match nears its end, the referee has deemed it appropriate to add 2 minutes as stoppage time. The match ends 4 - 5. Possession in this half belonged to Phoenix, who controlled the ball 54 percent of the time.

Most important Phoenix player was Robert Sheppard. John Looney on the other hand, had a terrible day. The most dominating Stanway player was without a doubt Neil Kelly. However, Jonny Ruffle made a disastrous appearance.

Rating details

Midfield disastrous (very high) disastrous (high) 4 3 1/20 1/20
Right defence wretched (low) disastrous (very high) 6 4 2/20 1/20
Central defence wretched (high) wretched (very low) 7 5 2/20 2/20
Left defence wretched (low) disastrous (very high) 6 4 2/20 1/20
Right attack wretched (very low) wretched (very low) 5 5 2/20 2/20
Central attack wretched (very low) wretched (high) 5 7 2/20 2/20
Left attack disastrous (very high) wretched (high) 4 7 1/20 2/20
Indirect set pieces
Defence wretched (very high) wretched (low) 8 6 2/20 2/20
Attack poor (very low) wretched (very high) 9 8 3/20 2/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Normal
Tactic skill (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic)
Style of play - -


1 - 0  Alan Hann 7'
1 - 1  Ben Dey 12'
1 - 2  Stephen Banks 18'
2 - 2  Davie Ashern 19'
3 - 2  Davie Ashern 24'
4 - 2  Alan Hann 27'
4 - 3  Dennis MacKlanachen 77'
4 - 4  Jacob Breacker 83'
4 - 5  Scott Hamor 84'



Chance distribution

Home Away
6 7

1 Left attack 2
2 Central attack 2
1 Right attack 2
1 Other 1
1 Special events 0

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Rating details

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Indirect set pieces

Defence wretched (very high) wretched (low) 8 6 2/20 2/20
Attack poor (very low) wretched (very high) 9 8 3/20 2/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Normal
Tactic skill (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic)
Style of play - -

Average ratings

Total player experience wretched (high) wretched (very high) 7 8 2/20 2/20
Average midfield disastrous (very high) disastrous (high) 4 3 1/20 1/20
Average defence wretched (high) disastrous (very high) 7 4 2/20 1/20
Average attack wretched (very low) wretched (low) 5 6 2/20 2/20
Total average wretched (very low) disastrous (very high) 5 4 2/20 2/20


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