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Revenge 0 - 1 Pewsum

The 37699 fans in attendance at BandAide Bowl were roasting in the hot sun. Pim Van Der Biest was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Mathis Wasserfahr and Luboš Skřivan. The intense heat made it hard for players relying on strength or speed to shine. On the other hand, it provided perfect conditions for the more technical players. The derby had been the talk of New York City all week and fans of both teams could be seen throughout the stadium. Starters: Sykes - Magee, Rezvanieh, Sliger, Sproul, Orcutt - Demuth, Parsch, Takhar, Sommer - Brusi.

Lineup: Dubois - Rather, Marconi, Henneghan, Caycedo - Corona, LeMaire, Bradshaw, Stallworth - Leduc, Gregory.

The teams had chosen different formations for the match. Home team Layne's Revenge went for 5-4-1 while TuS Pewsum has decided to play a 4-4-2 lineup. After a fine move down the middle Claus Parsch nearly gave the home side a goal after 2 minutes. However the finishing shot went just wide. Pewsum's Mitchell LeMaire was shown a yellow card for standing over the ball and blocking an opponent's quick free kick after 15 minutes. Cole Gregory had a good opportunity to give Pewsum the lead as he charged down the right and struck the ball towards the top corner, but the home team's goalkeeper made the save. 27 minutes into the match Revenge's Michael Sommer head butted an opponent nastily, and so the referee sent him off immediately. Alex Stallworth was in no condition to play on. He left the field limping after 28 minutes, with his left thigh bandaged. The replacement for the injured player was Dalvin Lundin. Ed Takhar neatly controlled the ball after a short corner, and knocked it on to Chadwick Sliger who had the whole net open before him, but only managed to hit the post. After 39 minutes Revenge tried to exploit their counterattacking skills, unfortunately, Matias Brusi's shot sailed wide after his break down the right. 0 - 0 was the halftime score. Revenge had most of the ball, with 60 percent of possession.

Pewsum's Cole Gregory gave the visitors a 0 - 1 lead after 57 minutes with a superb strike from the right. Chadwick Sliger of Revenge received a yellow card after 67 minutes for unsportsmanlike behaviour. As the match nears its end, the referee has deemed it appropriate to add 1 minute as stoppage time. The match ends 0 - 1. Possession in the forty-five minutes was dominated by Revenge, with 57 percent of the ball.

Revenge's top performer was clearly Matias Brusi. On the other hand, Chadwick Sliger's play was disheartening. Most important Pewsum player was Cole Gregory. Marc Dubois was a disappointment, however.

Rating details

Midfield excellent (very high) passable (high) 32 23 8/20 6/20
Right defence titanic (very low) world class (high) 57 51 15/20 13/20
Central defence titanic (very high) supernatural (very high) 60 56 15/20 14/20
Left defence magnificent (low) world class (very low) 46 49 12/20 13/20
Right attack outstanding (very low) passable (very high) 37 24 10/20 6/20
Central attack excellent (very low) outstanding (high) 29 39 8/20 10/20
Left attack passable (low) weak (very high) 22 16 6/20 4/20
Indirect set pieces
Defence excellent (high) excellent (very high) 31 32 8/20 8/20
Attack inadequate (very low) inadequate (high) 17 19 5/20 5/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Normal
Tactic skill (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic)
Style of play - -



Chance distribution

Home Away
8 6

1 Left attack 1
2 Central attack 2
1 Right attack 2
3 Other 1
1 Special events 0
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Rating details

Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defence excellent (high) excellent (very high) 31 32 8/20 8/20
Attack inadequate (very low) inadequate (high) 17 19 5/20 5/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Normal
Tactic skill (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic)
Style of play - -

Average ratings

Total player experience weak (high) inadequate (high) 15 19 4/20 5/20
Average midfield excellent (very high) passable (high) 32 23 8/20 6/20
Average defence supernatural (low) world class (very high) 54 52 14/20 13/20
Average attack excellent (low) solid (low) 30 26 8/20 7/20
Total average outstanding (high) formidable (low) 39 34 10/20 9/20


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