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The 152232 spectators at al urdun biggest stadium were in for an afternoon of sunshine. Paolo Campagnoli was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Frederik Lundager and Sergey Ivshukov. If I am correctly informed, temporary seats had been added in sections throughout the arena, and this had enabled the organisers to sell 54523 extra tickets. The weather was sunny, which meant perfect conditions for technical players in both teams. However, it was also quite warm, which meant quick or physically strong players were drained faster and couldn't play their best game. Starters: El-Abbadi - Hasan, Skojha, El-Masri, Abu Dahab - Saief, Yaseen, Bany Hamad, Hasan - Nsour, El-Omary.

They fielded: Ranggalawe - Kido, Pieterz - Aksa, Ronggodani, Roring, Supriarso, Sambuaga - Zamroni, Widyantoro, Muda.

It was to be a contest between two different football philosophies, since the home team started the game with a 4-4-2 formation while the visitors instead opted for 2-5-3. Counter-attacking seemed to be the preferred strategy of U-20 Al Urdun, taking advantage of their outstanding level with that tactic. U-20 Indonesia's Ruli Zamroni managed to lose the defenders as he advanced down the right wing and scored, putting the visitors ahead after 2 minutes. 0 - 1. Some lightning fast two foot dribbles by Panca Muda left Ebrahim Yaseen way behind after 17 minutes, but the shot was just wide. After 19 minutes, Hani Skojha made a dash down the middle past the away team's defenders to score the goal that made it 1 - 1. U-20 Indonesia's Nuron Supriarso gave the visitors a 1 - 2 lead after 26 minutes with a superb strike from the right. It was 1 - 2 at the break. Possession in this half belonged to U-20 Indonesia, who controlled the ball 61 percent of the time.

With 48 minutes played, U-20 Indonesia put themselves up 1 - 3 after an attack from the right, caused by a defensive blunder. The scorer was Masperi Ronggodani. U-20 Al Urdun needed a fresh pair of legs on the field, and after 54 minutes Ebrahim Yaseen made way for Ali Mandour. As the game started to slip away for U-20 Al Urdun, the manager decided to change the tactical approach. After 54 minutes, U-20 Al Urdun used a short break in the game to take new instructions from their coach. U-20 Al Urdun were pushed back, and had many dangerous counterattacks. An impressive one came 54 minutes into the match, but Mansoor Rasheed El-Masri narrowly missed the free kick attempt that was awarded as a result of a foul. After 62 minutes, U-20 Indonesia's Arthur Widyantoro burst through the central defence and let loose a cannonball of a shot, scoring for 1 - 4. The coach of U-20 Indonesia was happy with the game so far, but still wanted to change the line up. After 70 minutes, Rasji Name came on for Arthur Widyantoro. Asbi Pieterz was handed the U-20 Indonesia captain's armband. Panca Muda left the field with a smile on his face as he was substituted 70 minutes into the game, as his team was in the lead. Steven Nasuha was the replacement. The U-20 Indonesia coach was visibly pleased with the score so far, but still ordered a few tactical changes 70 minutes into the game. The bench was restless, and with 73 minutes passed U-20 Al Urdun's coach gave Haddad Zamel the opportunity the player had been hoping for. Saad Sleiman Bany Hamad reluctantly left the field. After 74 minutes of game time, Asbi Pieterz had an excellent opportunity to add to the visitors' lead, clipping a volley hooked in from the right, but Osman El-Abbadi was in the right place and tipped the ball over for a corner. A defender managed to keep the ball from crossing the goal-line after a curling shot coming in from the right from Rasji Name after 81 minutes, and prevented U-20 Indonesia from going up another goal. The U-20 Indonesia players could smell victory in the air. Ruli Zamroni wasn't in a hurry to leave the field as he was substituted for Agam Sikumbang after 89 minutes. The match ends 1 - 4. Possession in the forty-five minutes was dominated by U-20 Indonesia, with 73 percent of the ball.

Talib El-Omary performed admirably for U-20 Al Urdun. However, Mansoor Rasheed El-Masri made a disastrous appearance. U-20 Indonesia's best player was Lasyahti Ranggalawe. On the other hand, Agam Sikumbang's play was disheartening.

Rating details

Midfield inadequate (very high) outstanding (very low) 20 37 5/20 10/20
Right defence magnificent (high) outstanding (high) 47 39 12/20 10/20
Central defence world class (very high) outstanding (high) 52 39 13/20 10/20
Left defence magnificent (high) formidable (high) 47 35 12/20 9/20
Right attack brilliant (very low) brilliant (very high) 41 44 11/20 11/20
Central attack formidable (low) outstanding (low) 34 38 9/20 10/20
Left attack outstanding (low) weak (very high) 38 16 10/20 4/20
Indirect set pieces
Defence solid (very high) passable (low) 28 22 7/20 6/20
Attack passable (low) weak (very high) 22 16 6/20 4/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Counter-attacks Normal
Tactic skill outstanding (no tactic) 10 (no tactic) 10/20
Style of play Neutral 50% Offensive

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0 - 1  Ruli Zamroni 2'
1 - 1  Hani Skojha 19'
1 - 2  Nuron Supriarso 26'
1 - 3  Masperi Ronggodani 48'
1 - 4  Arthur Widyantoro 62'
Formation Out  Ebrahim Yaseen
In  Ali Mandour
4-4-2  To  5-3-2
Behaviour Musa Issa Hasan
Normal  To  Offensive
Behaviour Fadil Saief
Normal  To  Offensive
Formation Out  Arthur Widyantoro
In  Rasji Name
Normal To  Defensive
CF  To  LB
2-5-3  To  3-5-2
Formation Out  Panca Muda
In  Steven Nasuha
Normal To  Towards Wing
3-5-2  To  4-5-1
Behaviour Ruli Zamroni
Normal  To  Towards Wing
Formation Out  Saad Sleiman Bany Hamad
In  Haddad Zamel
5-3-2  To  5-2-3
Substitution Out  Ruli Zamroni
In  Agam Sikumbang



Chance distribution

Home Away
2 10

0 Left attack 1
1 Central attack 2
0 Right attack 5
1 Other 1
0 Special events 1

Replays (20 times)

Home Draw Away
10 2 8

2,1 Average goals 1,8

This shows the results of 20 extra simulations of this game.

Replays Breakdown

0 - 1
1 - 1
1 - 2
1 - 3
New behaviour
New behaviour
1 - 4
New behaviour

Rating details

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Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defence solid (very high) passable (low) 28 22 7/20 6/20
Attack passable (low) weak (very high) 22 16 6/20 4/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Counter-attacks Normal
Tactic skill outstanding (no tactic) 10 (no tactic) 10/20
Style of play Neutral 50% Offensive

Average ratings

Total player experience excellent (low) weak (high) 30 15 8/20 4/20
Average midfield inadequate (very high) outstanding (very low) 20 37 5/20 10/20
Average defence world class (very low) outstanding (very low) 49 37 13/20 10/20
Average attack outstanding (low) formidable (very low) 38 33 10/20 9/20
Total average formidable (very high) formidable (very high) 36 36 9/20 9/20


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