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15158 punters turned up at Adlerhorst, and despite threatening clouds on the horizon, no rain came. Heiko Haase was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Richard Forberg and Heini Berchtold. They fielded: Macrini - Grünewald, Autrix, Tranchant, Balmon - Hirner, Kondratyuk, Mathis, Cunningham, Goulding - Arpaia.

The following players had been chosen: Ringgenberg - Stortoni, Hausmann - Belleau, Dürig, Lemaistre, Sampirisi, Del piano - Guillemard, Schori, Aymard.

Steinhausen Coyotes entered the field in a 4-5-1 formation. The visitors, Laola City, chose to start the game with a 2-5-3 lineup. For their match strategy, Steinhausen had decided to use their supernatural ability to counter-attack whenever possible. The cannonball from 35 metres by Enrico Balmon of Steinhausen was an impressive sight, but didn't make it into the net. After 21 minutes, Mauro Arpaia came in from the right, feinted, then sped past the off-balance defender to make the score 1 - 0, giving Steinhausen the lead. 1 - 0 was the score after the first half. Possession in this half belonged to Steinhausen, who controlled the ball 51 percent of the time.

In the lead, Steinhausen adjusted their style of play with 46 minutes gone. Sylvain Mathis left the field with a smile on his face as he was substituted 46 minutes into the game, as his team was in the lead. Gelson Ewald was the replacement. The coach of Steinhausen was happy with the game so far, but still wanted to change the line up. After 46 minutes, Miloslav Kourek came on for Michael Hirner. Aaron Hausmann could have made it all square after 59 minutes, if only his free kick had been a few inches to the other side of the post. Having been awarded a free kick in an awkward position after 67 minutes, Steinhausen did not go for a shot but instead fired the ball hard into the 6 yard box. After a brief tussle with his marker, Artemiy Kondratyuk was able to power the ball past the keeper to make the score 2 - 0. François Grünewald went down after twisting his left ankle after 72 minutes, and had to leave the pitch. This gave Poul Deichmann a chance to take to the field instead. With François Grünewald no longer on the pitch, Florent Tranchant became the new set pieces taker. After 74 minutes, the away team failed to deal with a good exchange of passes on the right, and Gelson Ewald gave the Steinhausen supporters even more to cheer about when he increased the lead to 3 - 0. Steinhausen's Miloslav Kourek swung in a good chance from the left, but the visitors' defence were able to clear the ball. Steinhausen put themselves up 4 - 0 when Florent Tranchant broke through on the right, leaving the entire defence trailing in his wake. The match ends 4 - 0. Possession of the ball saw an equal split between the teams during the forty-five minutes.

Mauro Arpaia performed admirably for Steinhausen. On the other hand, Poul Deichmann's play was disheartening. Laola's top performer was clearly Raffaele Sampirisi. Aaron Hausmann on the other hand, had a terrible day.

Rating details

Midfield inadequate (very high) inadequate (high) 20 19 5/20 5/20
Right defence extra-terrestrial (very low) weak (very low) 61 13 16/20 4/20
Central defence mythical (high) passable (very low) 67 21 17/20 6/20
Left defence world class (high) weak (very low) 51 13 13/20 4/20
Right attack solid (very high) weak (low) 28 14 7/20 4/20
Central attack solid (high) inadequate (very high) 27 20 7/20 5/20
Left attack excellent (very low) inadequate (very low) 29 17 8/20 5/20
Indirect set pieces
Defence excellent (very high) weak (high) 32 15 8/20 4/20
Attack solid (high) inadequate (low) 27 18 7/20 5/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Counter-attacks Normal
Tactic skill supernatural (no tactic) 14 (no tactic) 14/20
Style of play - -


1 - 0  Mauro Arpaia 21'
2 - 0  Artemiy Kondratyuk 67'
3 - 0  Gelson Ewald 74'
4 - 0  Florent Tranchant 79'
François Grünewald 72'
Behaviour Mauro Arpaia

CF  To  RF
Formation Out  Sylvain Mathis
In  Gelson Ewald
4-5-1  To  4-4-2
Substitution Out  Michael Hirner
In  Miloslav Kourek
Substitution Out François Grünewald
In Poul Deichmann



Chance distribution

Home Away
6 4

1 Left attack 0
0 Central attack 2
3 Right attack 1
2 Other 1
0 Special events 0
Detailed match analysis is not available for matches more than two seasons old.

Rating details

Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defence excellent (very high) weak (high) 32 15 8/20 4/20
Attack solid (high) inadequate (low) 27 18 7/20 5/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Counter-attacks Normal
Tactic skill supernatural (no tactic) 14 (no tactic) 14/20
Style of play - -

Average ratings

Total player experience passable (very high) wretched (low) 24 6 6/20 2/20
Average midfield inadequate (very high) inadequate (high) 20 19 5/20 5/20
Average defence titanic (very high) weak (very high) 60 16 15/20 4/20
Average attack solid (very high) inadequate (very low) 28 17 7/20 5/20
Total average formidable (very high) inadequate (very low) 36 17 9/20 5/20


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