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Dark skies made the crowd of 43200 at Stadium Colombaro a little nervous, but the rain held off. Moritz Bledwoski was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Tino Perkiömäki and Shaheen Faqih. The following players had been chosen: Bosio - Condorelli, Balluku - Galletta, Leoni, Kuçi, Zepponi, La Penna - di Stefano, Dal Rio, Ronzi.

They fielded: Morales - Gudas, Plugaru, Bollmann - Ferri, De Martini, Pologea, Del Nero, Levorato - Gottarelli, Bieberstein.

Colombaro F.C. started the game in a 2-5-3 formation, whereas Borgomalva F.C. lined up in a 3-5-2 formation. Colombaro clearly preferred using their extra-terrestrial ability to attack in the middle. Colombaro could have put themselves ahead after 20 minutes but Ferdinando Dal Rio missed a volley shot on a ball coming in from the right. 31 minutes had elapsed when a great chance for Colombaro to take the lead after a good cross from the right found Giorgio Leoni alone with the keeper, but he chipped it to the wrong side of the post. Borgomalva had several good opportunities to take the lead, especially 36 minutes in when Vincenzo De Martini came up alone against Bruno Bosio who managed a block. 0 - 0 was the halftime score. Colombaro claimed to have seen most of the ball, and the statistics agreed with them - possession being 57 percent.

Alberto di Stefano caused the crowd to go mental with his goal up the middle after 49 minutes. This gave Colombaro the 1 - 0 lead. Colombaro's Giorgio Leoni swung in a good chance from the left, but the visitors' defence were able to clear the ball. The visitors refused to give in and, after 53 minutes, Erhard Bollmann evened things up as he finished off a perfect pass from the right. 1 - 1 Erhard Bollmann would have preferred to play on, but his coach decided otherwise. Stephan Bruchner entered the game for Borgomalva as the match clock showed 70 minutes. As the 75 minute mark approached, the Colombaro coach decided it was time for a substitution. Astrit Kuçi reluctantly made way for Menelao Crugliano on the pitch. 75 minutes into the match, the referee signalled for a Colombaro substitution. Daniele De Magistris came on for Gaetano Galletta. With 77 minutes played, Cristian Pologea of Borgomalva fell dramatically just outside the penalty area. However, the referee was unimpressed, and booked him for diving. Colombaro made it 2 - 1 as Menelao Crugliano got a touch to the floated corner kick and flicked the ball to Daniele De Magistris who whipped a low drive in off the far post. As the game started to slip away for Borgomalva, the manager decided to change the tactical approach. Central attacks were the recipe of the day for Colombaro, as they moved the ball from the wings to the middle with startling regularity. Menelao Crugliano could have increased the lead after 87 minutes, but his shot hit the post after a nice combination in the middle of the park. The referee announced 1 minute of stoppage time, giving fans a slim hope that their team could get one more attack in before this was all over. The match ends 2 - 1. Possession in this half belonged to Colombaro, who controlled the ball 55 percent of the time.

Most important Colombaro player was Alberto di Stefano. However, Daniele De Magistris made a disastrous appearance. The most dominating Borgomalva player was without a doubt Vincenzo De Martini. Sergio Ferri was a disappointment, however.

Rating details

Midfield brilliant (very low) excellent (very high) 41 32 11/20 8/20
Right defence solid (very high) formidable (high) 28 35 7/20 9/20
Central defence brilliant (very low) formidable (very high) 41 36 11/20 9/20
Left defence inadequate (low) excellent (low) 18 30 5/20 8/20
Right attack solid (low) excellent (very low) 26 29 7/20 8/20
Central attack supernatural (very low) formidable (very high) 53 36 14/20 9/20
Left attack solid (very high) excellent (very low) 28 29 7/20 8/20
Indirect set pieces
Defence solid (high) excellent (high) 27 31 7/20 8/20
Attack solid (high) excellent (low) 27 30 7/20 8/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Attack in the Middle Normal
Tactic skill extra-terrestrial (no tactic) 16 (no tactic) 16/20
Style of play Neutral Neutral


1 - 0  Alberto di Stefano 49'
1 - 1  Erhard Bollmann 53'
2 - 1  Daniele De Magistris 84'
1 booking accumulated Cristian Pologea 77'
Substitution Out  Erhard Bollmann
In  Stephan Bruchner
Substitution Out  Astrit Kuçi
In  Menelao Crugliano
Substitution Out  Gaetano Galletta
In  Daniele De Magistris
Formation Lică Plugaru

3-5-2  To  2-5-3



Chance distribution

Home Away
8 3

2 Left attack 1
3 Central attack 1
2 Right attack 1
0 Other 0
1 Special events 0

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1 - 1
Yellow card
2 - 1
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Rating details

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Indirect set pieces

Defence solid (high) excellent (high) 27 31 7/20 8/20
Attack solid (high) excellent (low) 27 30 7/20 8/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Attack in the Middle Normal
Tactic skill extra-terrestrial (no tactic) 16 (no tactic) 16/20
Style of play Neutral Neutral

Average ratings

Total player experience excellent (very low) solid (low) 29 26 8/20 7/20
Average midfield brilliant (very low) excellent (very high) 41 32 11/20 8/20
Average defence excellent (very low) formidable (low) 29 34 8/20 9/20
Average attack formidable (very high) excellent (very high) 36 32 9/20 8/20
Total average formidable (high) formidable (very low) 35 33 9/20 9/20


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