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Weather conditions were fairly good for football, and Stadio Tottinho saw a crowd turnout of 41361. Ignacy Lakwa was the appointed referee with assistance provided by José Carlos Curbelo and Jakov Prcović. Starters: Oñate - Podaný, Mezey, Suciu, Santeramo - Real, Vadas, Budai, Bodrožić, Gerold - Gao.

They fielded: Egerszegi - Ziemba, Dubois, Śwircz, Sabara - Pawlaczyk, Szalai, Izsó, Vezér, Vaccaro - Németh.

4-5-1 was the choice of the day for both coaches. Tottinho clearly had decided to counter-attack when they could, taking advantage of their magnificent level with that tactic. With 5 minutes played Mátyás Mezey almost put the home team one ahead on a cross coming in from the right, but the shot went just wide. Matthieu Dubois of FC Gooner was booked for kicking the ball away after the whistle. With 18 minutes played, the home side managed to get a 1 - 0 lead as Viliami Gao flipped the ball in after a cross from the right. With 21 minutes played, seemingly due to lack of experience, Matthieu Dubois needlessly tripped an opponent just outside the penalty area, but the free kick that followed didn't succeed. After 23 minutes, the visitors levelled the scores after Claudio Vaccaro made it through the middle and struck home to make it 1 - 1. Slack defending gave Tottinho a chance to take the lead with 26 minutes played, but Eugen Suciu's cross from the left flank was fumbled in front of the goal and easily dealt with by the opposition. Tottinho's defence sent a ball soaring up the middle on a beautiful counterattack with 28 minutes gone, but Miroslav Podaný's finish was met by the reaching hands of the keeper. FC Gooner had several good opportunities to take the lead, especially 32 minutes in when István Németh came up alone against Unai Oñate who managed a block. The teams went for the halftime break at 1 - 1. FC Gooner enjoyed most of the ball, as they maintained 54 percent of possession.

56 minutes into the game, Tottinho wanted to bring some new energy to their game. Sérgio Manuel Real gave Víctor Alonso a quick hug as he left the field. Karlo Bodrožić would have preferred to play on, but his coach decided otherwise. Szabolcs Sipos entered the game for Tottinho as the match clock showed 61 minutes. The guests almost went up by a goal after 71 minutes when Claudio Vaccaro came through and shot from the right. The ball bounced harmlessly off the post, though. Coming in from the right, Tottinho had a good opportunity to convert on a counterattack after 75 minutes, but Lukas Gerold's attempt to finish was easily stopped. 78 minutes into the match and the home team took a 2 - 1 lead after breaking through on the left. The scorer for Tottinho was Szabolcs Sipos. The match ends 2 - 1. Possession in this half belonged to FC Gooner, who controlled the ball 54 percent of the time.

Most important Tottinho player was Viliami Gao. Girolamo Santeramo turned in a dismal performance, however. FC Gooner's best player was Gyula Vezér. However, Matthieu Dubois made a disastrous appearance.

Rating details

Midfield passable (low) solid (very low) 22 25 6/20 7/20
Right defence outstanding (very low) outstanding (very low) 37 37 10/20 10/20
Central defence outstanding (high) brilliant (very high) 39 44 10/20 11/20
Left defence outstanding (very high) brilliant (very low) 40 41 10/20 11/20
Right attack solid (very high) excellent (low) 28 30 7/20 8/20
Central attack weak (very low) excellent (low) 13 30 4/20 8/20
Left attack excellent (very low) excellent (high) 29 31 8/20 8/20
Indirect set pieces
Defence solid (high) excellent (very low) 27 29 7/20 8/20
Attack weak (very high) solid (very low) 16 25 4/20 7/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Counter-attacks Normal
Tactic skill magnificent (no tactic) 12 (no tactic) 12/20
Style of play Neutral Neutral


1 - 0  Viliami Gao 18'
1 - 1  Claudio Vaccaro 23'
2 - 1  Szabolcs Sipos 78'
1 booking accumulated Matthieu Dubois 15'
Substitution Out  Sérgio Manuel Real
In  Víctor Alonso
Substitution Out  Karlo Bodrožić
In  Szabolcs Sipos



Chance distribution

Home Away
9 6

2 Left attack 0
2 Central attack 4
3 Right attack 1
1 Other 1
1 Special events 0

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Yellow card
1 - 0
1 - 1
2 - 1

Rating details

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Indirect set pieces

Defence solid (high) excellent (very low) 27 29 7/20 8/20
Attack weak (very high) solid (very low) 16 25 4/20 7/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Counter-attacks Normal
Tactic skill magnificent (no tactic) 12 (no tactic) 12/20
Style of play Neutral Neutral

Average ratings

Total player experience excellent (low) passable (very high) 30 24 8/20 6/20
Average midfield passable (low) solid (very low) 22 25 6/20 7/20
Average defence outstanding (high) brilliant (very low) 39 41 10/20 11/20
Average attack passable (high) excellent (low) 23 30 6/20 8/20
Total average solid (very high) excellent (very high) 28 32 7/20 8/20


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