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Dark skies made the crowd of 21233 at Octopus Aquarium a little nervous, but the rain held off. Livio Gambini was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Art Eshuys and Estevão de Lira. The following players had been chosen: Sinha - Chandhok, Amaren, Jamyang, Manik - Ingalhalikar, Dutta, Banerjee, Jadhav - Kapoor, Gupta.

Starters: Zsinka - Kiss, Dimulász, Gulyás, Lakatos, Berzsenyi - Füvesi, Csató, Dénesi - Galsai, Csaplár-Nagy.

India entered the field in a 4-4-2 formation. The visitors, Magyarország, chose to start the game with a 5-3-2 lineup. The guests almost went up by a goal after 14 minutes when Kálmán Csaplár-Nagy came through and shot from the right. The ball bounced harmlessly off the post, though. Magyarország's Barnabás Galsai could have put the guests one up after 28 minutes after chasing a through ball from the right, but Sanjay Sinha was as fast as a snake, grabbing the ball from under his nose. India made sure of not letting Krisztián Dénesi succeed with his speed. When an opportunity appeared for him, as it did 34 minutes into the game, speedy Sridhar Chandhok came to the rescue and stopped the attack. The most controversial moment of the game was likely the penalty given after 35 minutes. Magyarország's Barnabás Galsai kept his concentration, despite the upset crowd, and calmly put the ball past the keeper to make the score 0 - 1. India's Lingpa Jamyang hurt his back 40 minutes into the match, and had to be convinced by the medical team that it was safer not to continue the match. Hari Myriyalatried to hide a smile as he entered the field. He had not expected to get a chance this day. The teams went for the halftime break at 0 - 1. Possession in the forty-five minutes was dominated by Magyarország, with 56 percent of the ball.

The Magyarország players could smell victory in the air. Kálmán Csaplár-Nagy wasn't in a hurry to leave the field as he was substituted for Márk 'Landers' Szenteczki after 46 minutes. After 59 minutes of game time, Krisztián Dénesi had an excellent opportunity to add to the visitors' lead, clipping a volley hooked in from the right, but Sanjay Sinha was in the right place and tipped the ball over for a corner. Magyarország's Krisztián Dénesi was shown a yellow card after 64 minutes for slicing down an opponent. Botond Lakatos sailed high above the opponents as he headed in a corner kick from Barnabás Galsai after 69 minutes of play, making the score 0 - 2. 72 minutes into the game, Magyarország worked the left side industriously creating several opportunities to add to their lead, but just couldn't apply the finishing touch. Content with how the game was proceeding, the Magyarország coach let Gotlíb Bánk replace Krisztián Dénesi after 76 minutes. András Füvesi wanted to play on, but the Magyarország coach had other ideas, and he was replaced 76 minutes into the game by Rafael Lattek. As the captain was no longer on the pitch, Zoltán Berzsenyi took over the role of being the Magyarország captain. The home crowd was not impressed when Rafael Lattek came in from the right, shooting hard to score after 78 minutes. Magyarország were now up 0 - 3. After 88 minutes, India switched Rakesh Gupta with Ramji Rapaka, hoping for a quick impact on the pitch. Sarvambh Jadhav was the new captain of India - handed the armband by the departing player. Although the whole team were struggling to impress, India's Sarvambh Jadhav was singled out as being the problem as he was called off the pitch after 89 minutes. Maalav Sabharwal was given a chance to change things around. The India captaincy was handed to Madhavan Kapoor. The referee announced 1 minute of stoppage time, giving fans a slim hope that their team could get one more attack in before this was all over. The match ends 0 - 3. Magyarország had most of the ball, with 62 percent of possession.

India's best player was Madhavan Kapoor. On the other hand, Hari Myriyala's play was disheartening. Magyarország's top performer was clearly Barnabás Galsai. Rudolf Dimulász on the other hand, had a terrible day.

Rating details

Midfield inadequate (very high) excellent (very low) 20 29 5/20 8/20
Right defence magnificent (very low) divine (+4) (very low) 45 93 12/20 24/20
Central defence brilliant (high) divine (+2) (very high) 43 88 11/20 22/20
Left defence excellent (very high) divine (+5) (high) 32 99 8/20 25/20
Right attack outstanding (very low) magnificent (very high) 37 48 10/20 12/20
Central attack outstanding (high) passable (very low) 39 21 10/20 6/20
Left attack excellent (very low) supernatural (high) 29 55 8/20 14/20
Indirect set pieces
Defence solid (low) outstanding (high) 26 39 7/20 10/20
Attack passable (low) passable (low) 22 22 6/20 6/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Normal
Tactic skill (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic)
Style of play Neutral 100% Defensive

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0 - 1  Barnabás Galsai 35'
0 - 2  Botond Lakatos 69'
0 - 3  Rafael Lattek 78'
1 booking accumulated Krisztián Dénesi 64'
Got injured Lingpa Jamyang 40'
Substitution Out Lingpa Jamyang
In Hari Myriyala
Formation Out  Kálmán Csaplár-Nagy
In  Márk 'Landers' Szenteczki
Defensive To  Towards Wing
5-3-2  To  5-4-1
Substitution Out  Krisztián Dénesi
In  Gotlíb Bánk
Substitution Out  András Füvesi
In  Rafael Lattek
Substitution Out  Rakesh Gupta
In  Ramji Rapaka
Substitution Out  Sarvambh Jadhav
In  Maalav Sabharwal



Chance distribution

Home Away
3 9

1 Left attack 2
0 Central attack 0
1 Right attack 4
1 Other 1
0 Special events 2

Replays (20 times)

Home Draw Away
0 0 20

0,3 Average goals 3,7

This shows the results of 20 extra simulations of this game.

Replays Breakdown

0 - 1
Got injured
Yellow card
0 - 2
0 - 3

Rating details

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Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defence solid (low) outstanding (high) 26 39 7/20 10/20
Attack passable (low) passable (low) 22 22 6/20 6/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Normal
Tactic skill (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic)
Style of play Neutral 100% Defensive

Average ratings

Total player experience excellent (low) outstanding (very low) 30 37 8/20 10/20
Average midfield inadequate (very high) excellent (very low) 20 29 5/20 8/20
Average defence outstanding (very high) divine (+4) (very low) 40 93 10/20 24/20
Average attack formidable (high) brilliant (very low) 35 41 9/20 11/20
Total average excellent (very high) supernatural (low) 32 54 8/20 14/20


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