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A brilliantly sunny day had enticed a crowd of 184802 to Traktor Basiliensis Arena. Mark Ostrivny was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Antonio Vespucio Araujo and Utku Uygur. The arena management had taken the extraordinary decision to boost some sections with temporary seats in order to guarantee every fan a place in the stadium. It was a very hot day and some players suffered from this, especially those relying on tough physical play or a lot of fast runs. For the technical ones, on the other hand, this was ideal conditions. They fielded: Saqlain - Bashir, Rahman, Johur - Lodhi, Lalu, Syed, Parvaiz, Talukder - Mushtaq, Eitzaz.

The following players had been chosen: Vrbovszki - Berzsenyi, Knyihár, Balogh, Lakatos - Pelikán, Szenteczki, Csató, Füvesi - Galsai, Zatykó.

The teams had chosen different formations for the match. Home team Bangladesh went for 3-5-2 while Magyarország has decided to play a 4-4-2 lineup. Counter-attacking seemed to be the preferred strategy of Magyarország, taking advantage of their divine level with that tactic. Asadul Parvaiz rose like a salmon, and was very close to scoring with a header after a corner, but sent the ball just over the bar. Bangladesh were awarded a penalty 7 minutes into the game but Moez Rahman produced a poor shot, quite easily saved by Áron Vrbovszki. Magyarország took the lead after 15 minutes making the score 0 - 1. Koppány Zatykó placed the ball out of reach for the home side's keeper after a fine move, coming in from the left. Asad Talukder made one of his many fine passes from the wing into the middle 33 minutes into the match. Asadul Parvaiz bravely attempted to execute a diving header and the ball was met firmly with his forehead for Bangladesh. 1 - 1. With 34 minutes played, Bangladesh's well-worked indirect free kick caused havoc in the penalty area, and when the ball eventually fell to Mangal Syed he gleefully slotted the ball home to make it 2 - 1. Bangladesh's Asad Talukder got himself booked for a foul. Coming in from the right, Magyarország had a good opportunity to convert on a counterattack after 41 minutes, but Benjámin Knyihár's attempt to finish was easily stopped. 2 - 1 was the halftime score. Bangladesh claimed to have seen most of the ball, and the statistics agreed with them - possession being 66 percent.

Asad Talukder should probably have put his team up another goal after 62 minutes after breaking through the middle, but some great goalkeeping by Áron Vrbovszki kept the visitors in the game. After 63 minutes, a counter attack by Magyarország was converted into a decent free kick opportunity. However, the indirect free kick routine was easily anticipated by the defenders. A textbook example of how to defend a free kick - the attackers were left with few viable options. After 69 minutes, Bangladesh's Moez Rahman found the back of the goal with a beautiful free kick. 3 - 1. Magyarország's Dániel Csató was shown a yellow card after 73 minutes for slicing down an opponent. Asad Talukder wanted to play on, but the Bangladesh coach had other ideas, and he was replaced 74 minutes into the game by Futteh-Khan Muhammad. The Bangladesh players could smell victory in the air. Mozahar Saqlain wasn't in a hurry to leave the field as he was substituted for Zeeshan 'The Wall' Faiz after 75 minutes. With 75 minutes played, the Magyarország coach decided a substitution may help turn the game around. Dávid Antal came on, Áron Vrbovszki had to leave the fray. Bangladesh's Akram Mushtaq saw his fine effort strike the top of the bar following some good work up the middle by his teammates after 81 minutes. Mangal Syed had a fantastic opportunity to put Bangladesh up another goal 83 minutes into the match after a pass through the middle set him free, but he fired just over the crossbar. Magyarország almost scored after a swift counterattack 84 minutes into the game, but Barnabás Galsai put the shot from the left flank just outside the goal. The bench was restless, and with 85 minutes passed Magyarország's coach gave Gotlíb Bánk the opportunity the player had been hoping for. Péter Pelikán reluctantly left the field. Benjámin Knyihár became the new Magyarország captain. Bangladesh's Mangal Syed increased the lead to 4 - 1, after he saw his shot go between the legs of the advancing goalkeeper following some good play down the right wing after 85 minutes. As the match nears its end, the referee has deemed it appropriate to add 2 minutes as stoppage time. The match ends 4 - 1. Possession in the forty-five minutes was dominated by Bangladesh, with 66 percent of the ball.

Bangladesh's best player was Abdur-Rashid Eitzaz. Futteh-Khan Muhammad turned in a dismal performance, however. Most important Magyarország player was Barnabás Galsai. Benjámin Knyihár on the other hand, had a terrible day.

Rating details

Midfield extra-terrestrial (high) formidable (very low) 63 33 16/20 9/20
Right defence world class (very high) divine (+1) (very low) 52 81 13/20 21/20
Central defence extra-terrestrial (very low) mythical (high) 61 67 16/20 17/20
Left defence brilliant (low) divine (+1) (very high) 42 84 11/20 21/20
Right attack supernatural (low) mythical (very high) 54 68 14/20 17/20
Central attack supernatural (very low) excellent (low) 53 30 14/20 8/20
Left attack formidable (very high) divine (very low) 36 77 9/20 20/20
Indirect set pieces
Defence outstanding (very high) outstanding (very high) 40 40 10/20 10/20
Attack excellent (low) solid (very low) 30 25 8/20 7/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Counter-attacks
Tactic skill (no tactic) divine (no tactic) 20 20/20
Style of play 80% Offensive Neutral

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0 - 1  Koppány Zatykó 15'
1 - 1  Asadul Parvaiz 33'
2 - 1  Mangal Syed 34'
3 - 1  Moez Rahman 69'
4 - 1  Mangal Syed 85'
Asad Talukder 35'
Dániel Csató 73'
Substitution Out  Asad Talukder
In  Futteh-Khan Muhammad
Substitution Out  Mozahar Saqlain
In  Zeeshan 'The Wall' Faiz
Substitution Out  Áron Vrbovszki
In  Dávid Antal
Substitution Out  Péter Pelikán
In  Gotlíb Bánk



Chance distribution

Home Away
11 4

1 Left attack 2
3 Central attack 0
2 Right attack 1
3 Other 1
2 Special events 0

Replays (100 times)

Home Draw Away
42 20 38

1,8 Average goals 1,9

This shows the results of 100 extra simulations of this game.

Replays Breakdown

0 - 1
1 - 1
2 - 1
Yellow card
3 - 1
Yellow card
4 - 1

Rating details

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Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defence outstanding (very high) outstanding (very high) 40 40 10/20 10/20
Attack excellent (low) solid (very low) 30 25 8/20 7/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Counter-attacks
Tactic skill (no tactic) divine (no tactic) 20 20/20
Style of play 80% Offensive Neutral

Average ratings

Total player experience extra-terrestrial (low) titanic (very low) 62 57 16/20 15/20
Average midfield extra-terrestrial (high) formidable (very low) 63 33 16/20 9/20
Average defence world class (very high) divine (very low) 52 77 13/20 20/20
Average attack magnificent (very high) titanic (low) 48 58 12/20 15/20
Total average supernatural (low) supernatural (very high) 54 56 14/20 14/20


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