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Giana 0 - 3 PANTHER

The crowd of 5184 turning up at Comunale today were greeted with some nasty showers of rain. Xavier Kolthoff was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Georgy Suldin and Stigbjörn Torbjärnsson. For strong, physical players the heavy rain was easy to overcome, it was even an advantage given their style of play. Others, such as the quick or technical ones, made bleaker appearances. All of Lombardia was shut down for the day, as fans of both clubs came to the derby. The following players took the field: Raatz - Arigoni, Galotta, Ascher - Notaristefano, Zerbinati, Maltempi, De Rogatis, Dossi - Dascăl, Wuttler.

The following players had been chosen: Žibikas - Tesone, Kostner, Seggioli - Crescitelli, Mekola, Horrell, Oppen, Móritz - Ricca, Faggioli.

3-5-2 was the choice of the day for both coaches. Using their counter-attacking abilities was the strategy of choice for Giana on this day, taking advantage of their inadequate level with that tactic. After 6 minutes, a long pass from PANTHER's Franco Tesone caught the defence out of position. Giannino Crescitelli collected the ball, and with the goal at his mercy calmly rolled the ball just inside the post. 0 - 1. Mircea Dascăl went down after twisting his right ankle after 7 minutes, and had to leave the pitch. The player that took his place was Sukhebaatar Noyon. With 12 minutes played, Giana's Sukhebaatar Noyon found an opening in the visitors' left side defence, but his shot was handled easily by the keeper. 36 minutes into the match, the visitors put themselves ahead 0 - 2 as Massimiliano Ricca finished off an attack from the left with a spectacular scissors kick. After 37 minutes, Cristian Maltempi had a good opportunity to reduce the scoreline for Giana with a chance created through the middle, but wasn't cool enough. The ball went miles over the bar. 0 - 2 was the score after the first half. PANTHER claimed to have seen most of the ball, and the statistics agreed with them - possession being 51 percent.

After 46 minutes of the match, the manager still hoped to turn things around. Ubaldo Zerbinati was ordered to assume a different position on the pitch. He took the place of Arturo Notaristefano, who in turn replaced his team mate. Sensing defeat in the air, the Giana manager directed Cristian Maltempi and Luigi Arigoni to change positions with each other. This was 46 minutes into the match. Just a few inches to the right, and the visitors could have had a goal 54 minutes into the match. Gian Franco Seggioli surely wishes he could do that free kick over again. With 60 minutes played, the Giana coach decided a substitution may help turn the game around. Andrea Cucciniello came on, Jean-Philippe Wuttler had to leave the fray. Had it not been for one of the home defenders, Mauro Faggioli would have put PANTHER up another goal 65 minutes into the match with his audacious lob from the right wing. Piero Kostner could have put his team up another goal 70 minutes into the game, after a rush down the left, but his closing shot hit the post. PANTHER's Viturys Žibikas took a knock to the head after 72 minutes, due to a badly executed header. He looked wobbly for a second, but eventually just laughed it off and continued playing. 75 minutes into the match, Piero Kostner came through the middle and almost added to his team's lead, but the shot went wide. 78 minutes into the game a free kick by Gian Franco Seggioli found its way through the home side's poorly assembled defensive formation, making PANTHER's lead 0 - 3. Gian Franco Seggioli of PANTHER was booked for kicking the ball away after the whistle. It was announced by the referee that he estimated stoppage time to be around 3 minutes. This meant there could still be an extra attack or two left in the match! The match ends 0 - 3. Possession in this half belonged to PANTHER, who controlled the ball 56 percent of the time.

Giana's best player was Sukhebaatar Noyon. Tommaso Galotta turned in a dismal performance, however. The most dominating PANTHER player was without a doubt Rudyard Horrell. However, Olivér Móritz made a disastrous appearance.

Rating details

Midfield weak (very high) inadequate (low) 16 18 4/20 5/20
Right defence weak (very low) passable (low) 13 22 4/20 6/20
Central defence passable (high) inadequate (very high) 23 20 6/20 5/20
Left defence weak (low) inadequate (very high) 14 20 4/20 5/20
Right attack weak (high) weak (low) 15 14 4/20 4/20
Central attack passable (low) weak (very high) 22 16 6/20 4/20
Left attack weak (very high) weak (high) 16 15 4/20 4/20
Indirect set pieces
Defence inadequate (low) weak (high) 18 15 5/20 4/20
Attack inadequate (low) weak (very high) 18 16 5/20 4/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Counter-attacks Normal
Tactic skill inadequate (no tactic) 5 (no tactic) 5/20
Style of play Neutral Neutral



Chance distribution

Home Away
3 9

1 Left attack 2
1 Central attack 2
1 Right attack 2
0 Other 2
0 Special events 1
0 - 1
Got injured
0 - 2
Got bruised
0 - 3
Yellow card

Rating details

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Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defence inadequate (low) weak (high) 18 15 5/20 4/20
Attack inadequate (low) weak (very high) 18 16 5/20 4/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Counter-attacks Normal
Tactic skill inadequate (no tactic) 5 (no tactic) 5/20
Style of play Neutral Neutral

Average ratings

Total player experience poor (high) wretched (very low) 11 5 3/20 2/20
Average midfield weak (very high) inadequate (low) 16 18 4/20 5/20
Average defence inadequate (very low) passable (very low) 17 21 5/20 6/20
Average attack inadequate (low) weak (high) 18 15 5/20 4/20
Total average inadequate (very low) inadequate (low) 17 18 5/20 5/20


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