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dream 0 - 8 Chicago

12000 spectators had come to iron dream maracanà this cloudy day. Giampiero Muraro was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Efrayim Tavori and Claudio Gomensoro. Lineup: Bingaman - Samson, Purvis, Kauper, Cabrera - Bell, Goodman, Goldsmith, Stenzel - Bronson, Tolleson.

They fielded: Vaz - Castillo, Reinacher, Ferrández, Fernandez - Teel, Althaler, Pearson, Pongo - Farouk, Wolf.

As the teams prepared to start the match, they both lined up in a 4-4-2 formation. Counter-attacking seemed to be the preferred strategy of Chicago, taking advantage of their world class level with that tactic. A mistake by the home side's central defence after 4 minutes allowed Maximilian Reinacher to score for Chicago. The scoreboard now read 0 - 1. An indecisive keeper looked on as a free kick by Chicago's Francisco Castillo put the visitors up 0 - 2 after 15 minutes. The home keeper was stunned 16 minutes into the match when he misjudged the free kick by Francisco Castillo and dived in the wrong direction. The visitors increased the lead to 0 - 3. 21 minutes into the match, the visitors put themselves ahead 0 - 4 as Henry Pearson finished off an attack from the left with a spectacular scissors kick. The teams went for the halftime break at 0 - 4. Chicago had most of the ball, with 65 percent of possession.

The visitors' Giuseppe Pongo took advantage of a misunderstanding between the home side's goalie and centre backs 48 minutes into the match. 0 - 5 for Chicago. With 51 minutes played, Isaac Cabrera of dream fell dramatically just outside the penalty area. However, the referee was unimpressed, and booked him for diving. Kassem Farouk received a delicate pass through the home side's central defence after 66 minutes, and chipped it past the flailing keeper to score making it 0 - 6. The Chicago fans went wild, whilst the home fans started to think about leaving early. Kassem Farouk increased the visitors' lead by putting a volley away after a pass from the right. 0 - 7. Isaac Cabrera behaved like an inexperienced youth player after 72 minutes as he gave the ball away to Darren Teel. Lucky for him though, there was no goal. After 77 minutes a well-practised indirect free kick routine by Chicago was easily anticipated by the defenders. The players forward were so well marked, they were left with few viable options. 78 minutes in, Chicago's Porter Wolf received a yellow card for going into a challenge studs first. After 79 minutes, an incisive pass through the middle gave Kassem Farouk a chance to increase the lead for Chicago, and he did not disappoint. The score was then 0 - 8. At that, Kassem Farouk was noted down for a hat trick! The players were tired, but when the referee announced that there would be 2 minutes of added time they, nonetheless, welcomed the extra opportunity to make an impact. The match ends 0 - 8. Possession in the forty-five minutes was dominated by Chicago, with 71 percent of the ball.

The most dominating dream player was without a doubt Kristopher Stenzel. Lionel Bingaman on the other hand, had a terrible day. Manuel Ferrández performed admirably for Chicago. On the other hand, Andreas Althaler's play was disheartening.

Rating details

Midfield wretched (very low) poor (high) 5 11 2/20 3/20
Right defence disastrous (very high) magnificent (very high) 4 48 1/20 12/20
Central defence wretched (very low) magical (high) 5 71 2/20 18/20
Left defence disastrous (very high) titanic (low) 4 58 1/20 15/20
Right attack wretched (very low) poor (high) 5 11 2/20 3/20
Central attack wretched (very high) poor (very low) 8 9 2/20 3/20
Left attack wretched (very high) inadequate (very low) 8 17 2/20 5/20
Indirect set pieces
Defence wretched (low) solid (low) 6 26 2/20 7/20
Attack wretched (very high) weak (low) 8 14 2/20 4/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Counter-attacks
Tactic skill (no tactic) world class (no tactic) 13 13/20
Style of play - -


0 - 1  Maximilian Reinacher 4'
0 - 2  Francisco Castillo 15'
0 - 3  Francisco Castillo 16'
0 - 4  Henry Pearson 21'
0 - 5  Giuseppe Pongo 48'
0 - 6  Kassem Farouk 66'
0 - 7  Kassem Farouk 67'
0 - 8  Kassem Farouk 79'
1 booking accumulated Isaac Cabrera 51'
1 booking accumulated Porter Wolf 78'



Chance distribution

Home Away
1 10

0 Left attack 1
0 Central attack 4
1 Right attack 1
0 Other 3
0 Special events 1
Detailed match analysis is not available for matches more than two seasons old.

Rating details

Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defence wretched (low) solid (low) 6 26 2/20 7/20
Attack wretched (very high) weak (low) 8 14 2/20 4/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Counter-attacks
Tactic skill (no tactic) world class (no tactic) 13 13/20
Style of play - -

Average ratings

Total player experience wretched (high) solid (very high) 7 28 2/20 7/20
Average midfield wretched (very low) poor (high) 5 11 2/20 3/20
Average defence disastrous (very high) titanic (high) 4 59 1/20 15/20
Average attack wretched (high) poor (very high) 7 12 2/20 3/20
Total average wretched (very low) solid (high) 5 27 2/20 7/20


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