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NKII 4 - 1 Holzis

Clear skies welcomed the 3433 spectators who had made their way to White Hart Lane. Johan Paulsson was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Francisco Tubau and . The match took place on neutral ground. NKII tactics involved an interesting 2-5-3 combination. The following players had been chosen: Hendriksen - Daners, Sakancevas - Schröder, Barros Souza, Tastet, Wiedelt, Otero - Weitzel, D'Imprima, Pieralisi.

A 5-2-3 alignment was the formation of choice for Holzis. Starters: Bik - Hänel, Agiato, Misterka, Backers, Holverda - Pezzali, Ragnhult - Jokela, Şovar, Valencia.

NKII were mostly trying to use their extra-terrestrial skill at attacking on the flanks. Holzis were relying on their mythical ability to counter-attack. Attacking on the wings was the choice for NKII, and they were successfully passing the ball from the middle to the wings to attack. NKII fans held their breath as Leon Weitzel scampered down the left side. He successfully avoided all challenges and cracked home the shot for 1 - 0! Holzis's Władysław Misterka was shown a yellow card for standing over the ball and blocking an opponent's quick free kick after 26 minutes. An accurate cross from Juan Gilberto Otero of NKII was met with a wonderful glancing header from Davide D'Imprima, hitting the inside base of the post before nestling into the back of the net for 2 - 0. Holzis needed a fresh pair of legs on the field, and after 30 minutes Teemu Jokela made way for Siegrich Stiefenhofer. A lovely run by Holzis's Natale Pezzali left his markers for dead and should have resulted in a goal, but the finish went just wide. The visitors got one back when Hernán Valencia finished off a pass from the left and scored after 39 minutes. 2 - 1 was the score. It was 2 - 1 at the break. Possession in the forty-five minutes was dominated by NKII, with 56 percent of the ball.

After 50 minutes, the away team failed to deal with a good exchange of passes on the right, and Davide D'Imprima gave the NKII supporters even more to cheer about when he increased the lead to 3 - 1. Holzis's Milton Ragnhult was shown a yellow card after 51 minutes for slicing down an opponent. Cheers filled the stadium as Vincent Wiedelt broke through the visitors' central defence to put away the ball to increase the lead to 4 - 1 to NKII. Confident in their lead, NKII's players relaxed and focused more on defending the lead than increasing it. With 70 minutes gone, David Şovar suddenly found himself completely free on the right wing when a counterattack by Holzis caught their opponents by surprise. Only a great save by the opposing keeper prevented him from scoring. Holzis breathed new life into the game with an attempt to reduce the lead after 78 minutes, but the home side's defenders cleared the ball off the line, after a long shot coming in from the left rebounded off the crossbar. Possession in this half belonged to NKII, who controlled the ball 55 percent of the time.

The most dominating NKII player was without a doubt Tinus Schröder. On the other hand, Davide D'Imprima's play was disheartening. Holzis's best player was Hernán Valencia. Thys Holverda on the other hand, had a terrible day. The match ends 4 - 1.

Rating details

Midfield solid (very high) inadequate (very high) 28 20 7/20 5/20
Right defence formidable (very low) magnificent (high) 33 47 9/20 12/20
Central defence passable (very low) supernatural (high) 21 55 6/20 14/20
Left defence formidable (very low) world class (very low) 33 49 9/20 13/20
Right attack brilliant (very low) supernatural (high) 41 55 11/20 14/20
Central attack solid (very low) brilliant (very low) 25 41 7/20 11/20
Left attack outstanding (very low) formidable (low) 37 34 10/20 9/20
Indirect set pieces
Defence passable (very high) brilliant (very low) 24 41 6/20 11/20
Attack inadequate (very low) formidable (very high) 17 36 5/20 9/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Attack on wings Counter-attacks
Tactic skill extra-terrestrial mythical 16 17 16/20 17/20


1 - 0  Leon Weitzel 21'
2 - 0  Davide D'Imprima 29'
2 - 1  Hernán Valencia 39'
3 - 1  Davide D'Imprima 50'
4 - 1  Vincent Wiedelt 61'
Władysław Misterka 26'
Milton Ragnhult 51'
Formation Out  Teemu Jokela
In  Siegrich Stiefenhofer
5-2-3  To  5-3-2



Chance distribution

Home Away
8 4

1 Left attack 2
4 Central attack 0
2 Right attack 1
0 Other 0
1 Special events 1
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Rating details

Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defence passable (very high) brilliant (very low) 24 41 6/20 11/20
Attack inadequate (very low) formidable (very high) 17 36 5/20 9/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Attack on wings Counter-attacks
Tactic skill extra-terrestrial mythical 16 17 16/20 17/20

Average ratings

Total player experience weak (very high) passable (low) 16 22 4/20 6/20
Average midfield solid (very high) inadequate (very high) 28 20 7/20 5/20
Average defence excellent (very low) world class (low) 29 50 8/20 13/20
Average attack formidable (low) brilliant (very high) 34 44 9/20 11/20
Total average excellent (low) outstanding (low) 30 38 8/20 10/20


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