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National team U-20 Sverige (3041)

Country: Sweden
Rating points: 0
Fan club: 2567
Fan mood: calm
Team spirit: irritated
Confidence: decent

The coach informs

3-18-2019 U-20 Sverige, General Information

If you are training a Swedish player for the U20, please add your team to (http://hattrickportal.pro/Tracker) so we can follow the progress of your player(s). Make sure to choose "yes" in the top right corner so your player(s) gets updated after every training.

If you have any questions regarding training plans for your player(s), don't hesitate to contact either the correct scout or the NT-Manager.


Head Scout: Open spot!

U20 Goalkeepers
Head Scout: Poppen_HT48 (7101359)

U20 Defenders
Head Scout: Drabanten (12003812)

U20 Inner Midfielders
Head Scout: Open spot!

U20 Wingers
Head scout: jointen (10899299)

U20 Forwards
Head Scout: stefanpro (66350)

Head Scout: ljuserik (11002935)
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3-2-2019 Last message by  threeothree Supporter Platinum

Acid303's board would like to thank the U-20 staff for giving Ousmane Ogola (435930267) the opportunity to gain xp-points.

Good luck with the plans in the future seasons.

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Home page: http://hattrickportal.pro/Tracker

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