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National team U-20 Sverige (3041)

Country: Sweden
Rating points: 210
Fan club: 2708
Fan mood: calm
Team spirit: irritated
Confidence: decent

The coach informs

8-7-2018 Information U-20 Sverige

If you are training a Swedish player for the U20, please add your team to (http://hattrickportal.pro/Tracker) so we can follow the progress of your player(s). Make sure to choose "yes" in the top right corner so your player(s) gets updated after every training.


Head Scout: Open spot!

U20 Goalkeepers
Head Scout: Poppen_HT48 (7101359)

U20 Defenders
Head Scout: Drabanten (12003812)

U20 Inner Midfielders
Head Scout: FWagner (11717916)

U20 Wingers
Head scout: Earl_Grey (9865063)

U20 Forwards
Head Scout: jens1310 (1118639)

Head Scout: ljuserik (11002935)

Opponent Scouting
Head Scout: Henrik_HT41 (10442638)
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1-2-2018 Last message by  Grosshandlarn Supporter Gold

Allvaret är nära. Önskar skicka en hälsning om lycka till i riktning mot vår ny förbundskapten. Nu kör vi!!!

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