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National team U-20 Israel (3109)

Country: Israel
Rating points: 315
Fan club: 2574
Fan mood: content
Team spirit: irritated
Confidence: decent

The coach informs

12-8-2018 Scouts - U20 Israel

If you own an Israeli player who you think has a chance please contact the relevant scout, and log in to the tracker and update your squad:

Head scout & U17 scout
חזי - chezi007 (11601765)
ליאור - liormm (5791462)

Responsible for players under 17
ליאור - liormm (5791462)

U20 scouts
★: Goalkeepers
שחר - shahario448 (11221514)

★: Centre-Back
שאולי - Shauli133 (11721441)

★: Wing-Back
כפיר - kfirben (11640507)

★: Playmakers
יואב - yoavb22 (6027093)

★: Wingers
שחר - shahario448 (11221514)

★: Forward & DF
שחר - SHAHARKING (12741228)
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