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Lysdexic Untied Oceania (421942)


# 2 in IV.48

The team is undefeated for 2 competitive games and has 2 wins in a row

# 88 in Ladder Oceania

Club details

Managed by GM-Cyntech Supporter Diamond

2 652 members in Untied Fatanics

Stadium: Minerveca Avenue (capacity 60 000)

Ranked 232

Press announcement

7-22-2018 Relegation not a Step Backward

Lysdexic's demotion to Division 4 after just a season is not a step backward, insists manager Cyntech. Lysdexic's aspirations in the third division ended after just a solitary season, despite a period of good results. "We are on a training plan that we are travelling extremely well on. We're fulfilling those plans and can expect some good results this season."

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10-18-2016 Last message by  SebasM

Hello! You have new "Supporter" :)

Would you like to add me as a "Supporter" too?

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Home page: http://hattrickunited.org/cyntech/

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