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PRESS KORNER (TituladoBugnosSchool-1)

Interview with World Cup winner Chile's coach TituladoBugnosSchool. He will give tips about the top-level matches...

Can we learn more about you?
My name is Enrique. I live in Santiago, Chile... I’m 25 years old and I’m an electrical engineer... I play Hattrick since 2006. I also like playing soccer and meeting with my friends.

Is Los IngElecktricos F.C. your first team?
Yes, Los IngEléctricos F.C is my first team. In the beginning, it was los_chuecos F.C, but last year I wanted to change to a new “face” of my team, so I changed its name and my user name (in the beginning, my user name was Chueco) to eespina. After that, I lose a challenge against a friend, so I had to change my nickname to TituladoBugnosSchool.

What is the important reasons for choosing Hattrick according to you? Why Hattrick?
Hattrick is a game which you need to combine strategy, knowledge, a lot of patience and a lot of luck. I think this is very attractive and it’s a great challenge to reach the glory… Additionally, here you can make excellent friends on the forums and federations, so if your motivation decreases, you can always log in to talk with them and play some friendly matches (or now tournaments) against them.

What is your training plan right now?
I've changed my training right now, I was training short passes and I changed it to crossing. I want to train Inner Toward Wings (ITW), so I bought some young players with a high level of playmaking (and some defense or passes), and I’ll increase their winger skills. All of them have the head specialty.

According to you, which training is the most profitable one for you?
I think short passes and crossing are very profitable trainings. But I’m not an expert on this topic.

You are playing the game since 2006 but when I checked your team, I see that the best result of your team is 4.League Championship. Don't want to move up to the first League?
I was on 3rd league twice. I've never spent so much time in my team. I play to have a good time. Reaching the 1st league is not my aim… Someday that may change and I may try to go to the 1st league.

No matter how long you have been playing this game, teams that have the first League championships or national cup is preferred more for national teams. Why do you think you were selected as the coach of Chile?
The previous coach was very unpopular and unprofessional here in Chile. The community was divided and they were disappointed, so a big change was needed. When I was a candidate, I didn’t promise any result. I only promised to work hard and seriously. I think the seriousness of our proposal was the reason that convinced the voters.

Do you have any national coach experience before Chile?
No, it was my first time as part of a NT. I've never been part of any crew (neither NT nor U-20) or any election.

What was your aim for the World Cup at the first round? Were you expecting this success?
My aim was to unite the community, restore the faith on Chile NT (here we call our NT as “La Roja”), improve the communication between the teams who train the players and the NT Coach, and finally, go as far as we can on the WC (first minor aim for this major aim was to reach the Round II). I think the gold medal is the dream of any NT Coach, and I really want to get it… But realistically, it was seen very far away on that time.

You finished the first round in the second place after Argentina hardly. However, you got the championship. What can you say about the first round matches?
Argentina was a very strong rival. We fortunately became very good friends with Argentina NT Coach, elpato (408240). The first round matches were to prepare for upcoming rounds. Those matches helped us to get the optimum performance of our team.

What do you change after the first round to be prepared for the second round? Did you want to preserve the team or did new players join the team? Besides player changes, what were the other changes?
We made little changes on the team, removed a few players of the roster, but the base of the team was the same. We changed our way to analyze the rivals, and we accommodated our game style to the players we had on hand. On this point, we started to think to get to the finals, and we planned our matches (attitude and lineups) with that on mind.

In the second round, you were at the same group with Nicaragua, Bulgaria and Cyprus. When we consider the ratings, we can say that it was the fight of 4 equal teams but you finished the group with 2 victories. Can we count this as luck?
That group was very even, and any nation could have reached the next round. We were a bit unlucky, because in our first match we played against Nicaragua and they played normal (we played PIC). Then, we played against Bulgaria (they played PIC their first match, too), and we received again a PIN (and we played PIC again). Besides, we suffered two injured players and two bruised players. Finally, we played against Cyprus, and we both were fighting to reach the next round. This time we received a MOTS by Cyprus, but this time we PINNED. So I can’t count this scenario as ‘good’ luck.

In the third round, Lithuania, France and Bulgaria again was your opponents. What do you think after the draw? Did the fact that Bulgaria beat you in the previous round motivated you more?
It was a rough group, but we were lucky to face the team with the lowest TS on first match. Lietuva (despite being a strong team) reached the 3rd round with a MOTS on their previous match, so we had an advantage of TS (they were our first opponent). And Bulgaria had beaten us once (forcing us to spend some TS against Cyprus), so it was some kind of revenge. France was a very strong team, and they reached this round with 3 PICs on previous round. Also they have a highly organized community, so it makes them stronger. Fortunately we played this match after guaranteeing the ticket for the next round, and we get the 3 points.

You played counter-attack against Bulgaria and win the game. I think Bulgaria wasn't expecting this tactic as they used 2-5-3. What do you want to say about this match?
The Bulgarian coach was very surprised, that CA was a risky move, but if you want to go further, you need to take some (controlled) risks. The Bulgarian lineup surprised us too; we were expecting a formation with one side attack and a strong midfield, so we used a Neutral Coach to get two strong attacks. Besides, we suffered the injury of our goalkeeper, and the replacement was one on weak form, so our defense decreased a lot. Fortunately, the changes of Bulgaria were beneficial for us and let us turn the match in our favor.

In the 4th round, you were in the same group with Finland, Lithuania and Serbia. If we examine the matches, we see that you won all matches with 1-0. The common point of these 3 matches is that you always have high defense ratings. Even though you sometimes have really low attack ratings, you were able to find the goal you need. This is a different strategy. Were you expecting this success with this strategy? Where did this strategy come from?
I always trusted in our way to play because it was the one that gave us the biggest chance of winning the matches. Due to the kind of players on the Chilean database, we couldn’t play as I would like to, in a more offensive way. So we focused on strengthening our weaknesses and took advantage from our strengths. We tried to consider every detail to be very careful when planning the matches.

…and semifinal,

What did you think when your opponent for semi-final is Sweden? Were you believing that you can beat Sweden and go to the finals? Can you explain what happened before the match?
All the HT world know Sweden is the owner of the game, and there are always rumors on the forums about the ‘magic buttons’ when you play against them. I didn’t believe that, but in our forum (as everywhere) the people started talking about that. I knew it was going to be a very tough match, because Sweden is a country with a lot of history on HT, and they’re the most successful NT on WC. Also, its coach was well experienced and the team was very strong. When we analyzed their players and their chances, we realized that we had better chances than them; as we were advantaged on TS and TC (we reach the semifinals after 6 PIC matches), and our players were a little better than theirs. I was convinced to reach the finals.

Were you expecting a counter-attack tactic from Sweden?
The Swedish strategy surprised me a lot. I never thought they were going to use counter-attack on us. I was waiting a though war on the midfield with a strong attack for their side (some kind of AoA), that’s why we used our second PIN on this match (the first was against Cyprus, on second round).

You win the match 2-1 with a golden goal and reach the final. What did you feel after the goal scored at the extra time?
I was very happy, we achieved something historic in Chile, and we were one step away from the glory. I talked with my crew and we celebrated a few minutes and then we started thinking on the next match, the most important in my life.

The other semi final match was between Finland and Switzerland. Which team was your choice for final?
I was watching them both and Switzerland were the strongest team on semifinals. I would prefer playing against Finland in final, as we have already played against them (we won the previous match), we have analyzed them before. It was an advantage for us as there were just 2 days between semifinals and final. But Switzerland (as they were the strongest team) were a major challenge, and it was funnier to think how to play the match.

…and final,

What did you do before the final match? Can you explain your works briefly? Did you analyze your opponent by yourself or did you make the analysis with your group?
After the semifinals, we (me and my crew) started to analyze the opponent in the same way we did on the previous rounds immediately. My crew (work group) was composed by:
- Frano_Battousai (1177705) – Analysis Rivals & Tactics
- Haterkfrost (5228519) – Estimation and Analysis Rivals
- Rodrigotm (9439764) – Estimation and Analysis Rivals
- Joosa (1438612) – Estimation and Analysis Rivals
- Felipe_Martinez (3794919) – Estimation Rivals
- UC-Poncho (10103860) – Forum & Communication
We always (first) estimated the rivals, and then discuss the tactics and formations.

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