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6-1-2017 Paypal issue

Currently it is not possible to successfully pay through Paypal for purchases done in the shop. We are investigating with our payment provider why this happens and to try to solve this problem as soon as possible.

If possible please choose another payment method until we have resolved this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

5-28-2017 Saturday downtime

On Saturday night, the site was unreachable for about one and a half hour, between 22.30 and 23.45 HT-time. This was due to a power failure in the colocation facility which cause the whole network to go down.

The Hattrick servers were never affected but since we could not reach the site ourselves, we were not able to pause the transfer market during the downtime. Once the site was up again, we postponed upcoming transfers for 90 minutes to give users a chance to return to the site.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you!

5-9-2017 Delays on cup matches

Unfortunately we are facing severe delays for the cup matches. We will look into the problem and try to solve it is as soon as possible. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Update: Everything should work fine now. Just need some time to catch up with the matches.

4-28-2017 Hattrick International prize money

Please be aware that a number of teams that joined Hattrick International this week have received prize money that were awarded to the previous team. If you received money for last season, which you did not participate in, please do not spend this money. If you already did, stay tuned for how we will adjust your money and any transfers you may already have done. We may also delete bids in live auctions in some cases.

UPDATE: The wrongly distributed prize money has now been withdrawn from the teams in question. Since most teams had not used the extra money, nothing will change for them. We have identified a very small number of teams that have overspent, they will be offered a chance to cancel their purchases to avoid bankruptcy.

4-25-2017 Player ratings fix

Since long time there was a bug in how we presented the average player ratings, so the end of the match had a lot more weight than any other minute. This is why people thought that the player ratings were from the end of the match, when in fact they were supposed to be an average. Now we have really taken them from the end of the match, which means that in general the ratings will be perceived as lower because of the stamina impact.

4-25-2017 Golden ticket activation

We have received several issues about the Golden ticket activation and the team assignment. Some users couldn't activate the ticket, but a fix will be online in the next few minutes. If you still have a problem, please try again in a while. Other users reported that they lost access right after they got the new team. This will be fixed during the day, but unfortunately, you will have to apply again. Finally, none of the new Golden ticket teams will promote to Division V, regardless of the league position of the botified team they replace.

3-23-2017 Release notes 23rd March

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• On the team cup page, you can now see how many rounds are still left.
• A few bug fixes for HT-Live and the Team Analyzer.
• We fixed a problem with saving the lineup for official matches.

3-20-2017 Matches delayed during the weekend

During the weekend, we had delays on youth, league and tournament matches. While we were fixing some of them, we only found the source of the issue today. All have been fixed now, but youth matches will need a couple of hours to catch up.

3-16-2017 Release notes 16th March

This time mainly changes in the background of which performance improvements for the team analyzer is the most important one.

3-10-2017 Match order bug

This week we had a bug where orders saved for the Away team could result in an empty substitution bench for the Home team, as well as all planned substitutions being invalid.

This bug has ONLY affected match orders for Tournaments, Ladders and Single Matches - no other matches are affected, including no League or Cup games.

The bug would only occur for match orders saved through our Stage server between Wednesday 17.00 HT-time and Thursday 10 AM HT-time. All in all a few hundred matches are affected.

If you are involved in a Tournament, Single Match or Ladder match in the coming week, please verify that your orders look OK. The actual bug has now been fixed and any new match orders saved (on Stage or elsewhere) will be working as intended.

2-17-2017 Changes on Quick and Pass Special Event

Last week, we fixed an old, reported bug on the Match Engine, about the "quick rush and passing to another player" special event. Contrary to the rest of the offensive events, this one could be finished only by a forward. We tested the code during the week and now, both wingers and forwards can be the ball receivers.

1-16-2017 Delay on scheduled maintenance

This morning we closed the site for a scheduled maintenance, which unfortunately took a lot longer than expected. We had no choice but to wait until this update was completed until we could open the site again. Now, at least, we are back up and everything is working fine. Transfers have been postponed a full 24 hours because of this downtime. Also, teams that entered Hattrick International in league level 5, instead of league level 6, have now been moved to the correct place.

Enjoy the new season!

1-14-2017 Confirmed bug on Hattrick International league

We have several reports for new assigned teams in division V for Hattrick International League, while all of them should start from division VI. It is confirmed as a bug and we will move every team to VI as soon as possible. From now on, new teams will be assigned on VI. We try our best to solve it before Monday, but we ask for your patience until then.

12-16-2016 Database issues

Because of some database issues our site was hard to reach or not at all. These problems have now been solved. Transfers with a deadline between 12:34 and 13:22 CET have been extended by 90 minutes.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

12-5-2016 Release notes 2nd December

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• You can no longer join a youth league if you have a friendly match too close to the first league match, to avoid training loss.
• We finally fixed the clones bug!
• The issue when joining the friendly pool which sometimes returned an error for no reason has been fixed.
• The issues with training reports, which sometimes were redundant or skipped reporting a skill have been fixed.

• We now also inform in your team events when you accept a player to your academy and when you promote a player.

11-26-2016 Missing financial reports

We found the bug that caused the missing financial reports on several teams. The problem occurred after the actual financial update, while we were creating the presentational report only. As a result, the cash on your account is correct. We will work on Monday to retrieve all the available lost data for the financial overview. Sorry for the inconvenience.

11-12-2016 Delayed matches

We have delays on matches today starting with Taiwan at 05:00. All the leagues after that have been affected. We have already found the issue behind the delay and the fix is on it's way. Thank you for your understanding.

11-9-2016 Release notes 9th November

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• We've added different themes to the switch club bar, even if you don't have a club theme.
• Training events in the dashboard have been restructured, so they're shown for both teams. We also restructured the team events box in the dashboard so they're grouped by date, shown by team and scrollable.
• If your stadium has hosted any matches that are played on neutral ground, such as national team matches, you will now be able to to see that on your stadium page. At the same time we've made your stadium usage visible to everyone.

10-28-2016 Browser notifications

It is now possible to activate browser notifications for matches that you follow in the Live Viewer. If you do, you will be notified of new events even if you are browsing in another browser tab or if the browser is in the background.

If you want this, you may need to give permission several times since we need one for each server. If you don't want, it should be enough to reject it only once. A more detailed announcement will be released next week, but we wanted to give a quick heads up as the feature goes live immediately.

10-11-2016 Release notes 11th October

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• The scouts in Youth Academy. When you search for any player type, you will have a chance to get a fantastic talented player. You are still able to find a great player in a specific type, but the maximum potential in his skills will be lower.
• Stadium in neutral matches. We had many cases where the chosen arena in neutral matches wasn't the optimum or was downgraded recently to a smaller one. Since, there wasn't something that participants could do, we make it possible for the fans to get their own portable seats on matches that could handle more visitors than the maximum per seat type.

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