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2-10-2016 Downtime and transfers

Yesterday Hattrick was down for several hours due to technical problems at our ISP which began around 18.30 and which were not solved until around midnight. The downtime was out of our hands but we are very sorry for the fact that it happened, and especially for the delays in games to those users who participate in our Supporter Week Trophy.

What did go wrong on our end yesterday, however, was that we did not stop the transfer engine as we normally do when we have downtime on the site, which means many transfer auctions finished despite there being no bidders around to bid on them, resulting in losses to the selling teams. We have always had the policy to not compensate in cases like this, because we have not had the means to make a fair estimate of the loss. But this time we would like to change policy and look into compensating the users that have lost out. We have recently taken into use a new algorithm for analysing market prices and we think this can help us reach a fair (if not perfectly fair) compensation. We do ask users involved to be patient as it could take few days before everyone receives any money.

This will apply to all transfers where the player in question had any bids when the site went down, and where the bidding finished while the site was down. We are excluding very low value players (less than 10 000 EUR) from compensation.

We are also working on a solution for transfers to automatically suspend when there are unexpected downtime on the site. Until this new functionality is fully calibrated, we may see the transfer market suspend even when there is no "real" downtime, but hopefully we can have fairly soon have this as a security measure in place so that what happened yesterday won't happen again.

12-28-2015 Downtime

Because of some problems during maintenance in our Data Center, it was not possible to connect to our site for almost an hour this morning. All transfers with a deadline between 11:29 and 12:35 HT Time have been extended by 90 minutes.

12-19-2015 Financial update problem

We received reports regarding the financial update and a higher cost of staff salaries. We are investigating it.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes you.

EDIT: The issue has now been solved, all team economies are now restored and corrected. Our apologies to the users involved.

12-16-2015 Release notes 14th December

We released a fix for showing the position of your team(s) in older editions of the Supporter Week Trophy.

From now on, to avoid mistakes when setting match orders, a warning will be issued for any substitution/order where conditions are not set at the time the order is submitted.

11-24-2015 Hattrick Masters rounds pushed forward

Because of a calculation problem with the number of participants of the Hattrick Masters, we have one participant too many for the second round. To correct this problem we will push forward all upcoming rounds with half a week. Also we will pick 2 random teams that had a 'free pass' to advance to the second round and who will play against each other on Thursday in order to decide who advances to the next round. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

11-11-2015 Downtime this morning

Due to some problems during maintenance in our Data Center, it was not possible to connect to our site this morning. In cooperation with our Data Center support we worked hard to restore service as soon as possible and managed to get the site back online shortly before noon. We were able to stop the transfermarket some 20 minutes after the site went down and have now extended all transfers with a deadline between 09:34 and 12:45 HT Time with 4 hours.

There are however still a few problems remaining that we are working on fixing. The main issues being application errors, not being able to watch matches live and also our mobile platfrom is not running as well as it should.

We would also like to inform you that while we are busy solving these problems, youth will be down and we estimate that it will be back up some time during the evening.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

11-3-2015 HT Live problems 2

Unfortunately once again we have problems with HT Live. We are trying to release a fix for this as soon as possible. It is not necessary to inform your Gamemasters about problems related to this.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Update: The problems have been solved now and any unfinished matches will catch up in the coming hours.

11-1-2015 "New staff" bugs now fixed

We have fixed a number of bugs that appeared during in the first week matches, and which are all related to the new staff member changes.

Tactical Assistants (TA) and Style of Play: Many teams had their matches simulated as if they had a neutral coach, when in fact they expected either an offensive or defensive style of play due to their coach and TA settings. This is now changed so that the correct coach is always applied before any TA choices kick in.

Spokespersons: The Spokesperson has been removed and the effects of a Level 5 spokesperson should now be active for all teams in Hattrick permanently and free of charge. We solved an issue with this implementation that caused fan mood not to react the way it should have after the league games.

The fixes are now live since an hour or so, and as far as we can tell, all reported issues have been taken care of. But we will keep a close eye on this and also follow up these emergency fixes tomorrow to make sure things are running as they should. We apologize for this bumpy start to the season.

10-28-2015 HT Live problems

Currently there is a problem with HT Live not functioning. We'll try to fix this problem as soon as possible.

It is however still possible to follow up on the progress of the match (but not in the most ideal way), by going to the matches page and open your current match from there.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes you.

Update 18:10 HT Time: The service has been restored.

10-21-2015 Supporter Week Trophy improvement

We have made a change on how the ranking is calculated. Previously it was calculated just like a normal league, points and then goal difference and so on. Now if two or more teams have the same amount of points, the teams with the most number of wins until the first tie or loss will be ranked first. After that the goal difference is taken into account.

10-8-2015 Friendly pool improvement

We have made some improvements to the friendly pool, which means it will now be easier to get a match.

8-20-2015 Ball posession (2)

Last month we informed you about a new version of the match engine where we were had started to show the actual average of the ball posession during each half of a match instead of showing the ball posession percentage at the end of each half.

Due to some misunderstanding we would like to highlight that currently this is only being used in tournament matches, ladder and single matches. Starting next season this will be released to all matches, including league and cup matches.

8-10-2015 Maintenance

Because of server maintenance, the forum, youth and the match archives may be temporarily unavailable during the coming hours. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Update: Unfortunately as not everything went smoothly, we were forced to extend all transfers with their deadline between 16:28 and 18:00 HT Time by 200 minutes. We apologize for this.

8-7-2015 Release notes 7th August

Today we released a nice new feature at the fixtures page, where you will be able to see the standings after each match round for the current season.

8-5-2015 Delayed youth matches

We are looking into a problem with youth matches being delayed. There is no need to inform your Gamemaster about it.

Update: Problem has been solved and matches played.

8-5-2015 Server problems

Due to some server problems we have stopped the transfer market earlier this morning. The problems have been solved now and we reopened the transfer market again. All transfers between 08:18 and 11:18 HT Time have been extended by 200 minutes.

Update 12:10 HT Time: Apparently the problems did not leave immediately and we were forced to extend transfers once again. This time all transfers between 11:18 and 12:10 HT Time were extended by 60 minutes.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

7-21-2015 Ball posession

Recently we released a new version of the match engine. As of this update we started showing the actual average of the ball posession during each half of a match instead of showing the ball posession percentage at the end of each half.

7-7-2015 Confidence update

Some users have reacted to the fact that with the new way the confident updates work, there is no confidence update between the reset for the new season and the first Cup game. The new system works as it is supposed to, and while we are sorry if this detail has not been clear to everyone, it will stay this way and there will be no compensation or extra updates. Users that have a lower confidence than they had hoped for for this first game will soon catch up through matches played and hired Sports Psychologists, these mechanics works just as usual.

6-18-2015 Release notes 18th June

Today, along with the Supporter Week Trophy, we have released a new default lineup type for Supporters, to be used in Tournament, Ladder and Single matches if no other match order has been placed.

5-6-2015 Release notes 6th May

Today we have a few releases concerning mobile phones. Now if you want to login to Hattrick from your mobile phone, you get automatically redirected to m.hattrick.org. There you can then find a link to our desktop site and upon clicking giving you the ability to permanently prevent automatic redirects in the future.

Also in the reminders page, we have a new option now, which makes it possible for you to receive push reminders in your phone.

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