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5-21-2018 Release notes 21st May

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• We have renewed the transfer compare page. Amongst others we now show the speciality of the player.
• Instead of after 5 seasons, you should be able to give your players' avatar a makeover after only one season.
• The Hall of Fame now also includes the caps from players for their National Teams and the number of matches played for the Hattrick Masters.
• Users are now able to follow the HTs without giving up a or multiple bookmarks for them. You can set this in your forum preferences if you are interested in what we share with our community. This feature is available to both Supporter and non-Supporters.

As always we also release other minor bugfixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

5-7-2018 This morning's scheduled downtime

When we were about to bring Hattrick back online this morning after the scheduled maintenance we experienced a problem with one of our supporting systems and we had to extend the downtime for another 35 minutes.
Transfers between 5:00h and 7:30h (CET) was extended by 5 hours.

4-27-2018 Downtime and extended transfers

This morning, we had error on some pages and we had to close the site for a little less than an hour to refresh database indexes. We are up again now and transfers have been extended by 2 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience!

4-14-2018 Slow Hattrick and Application Errors

The last few hours we encounter performance issues and application errors around the website. We are aware of the situation and we will let you know with more information when we have the details. Thank you for your patience.

Edit: We found the problem and the performance now should be back to the regular speed. Thank you all for the reports

4-4-2018 Release notes 3rd April

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• We reorganized the cash information on the finances page.
• We have fixed a bug for saving a standard lineup when your are a non-Supporter.
• League tables are no longer empty right after the league matches have finished.
• Users can sign up again for Stage , the platform where we test new features for our game.
• We have updated the manual for Hattrick International.

As always we also release other minor bugfixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

3-30-2018 Trophy delays again

This evening we again had a delay in the scheduling of the next round of the Generation Trophies. This is now sorted and the next round will run as planned at Saturday morning (2 AM HT-time). This delay was caused by another issue, this time by the Supporor Week Trophy, which failed to start as planned, but is now on track too. We hope that this is the last of the Easter eggs for this week :) Our apologies again for these issues!

3-29-2018 New promotion status for Hattrick International

Due to some database issues, we had to rerun the promotion process for HTI (qualification-relegation matches). Please be sure that you have up to date lineups for the upcoming matches. As a side note, from now on, the promotion rules for HTI will be the same as the rest of Hattrick leagues except the Division III and Division II (next season), since the upper division has only bots.

3-28-2018 Update Generation Trophies

After some further issues, we will reschedule round 2 of most Generation trophies for tomorrow evening, starting at 18 HT-time. These matches will be visible from Wednesday morning. Trophy of Legends and Heroes of 2018 Trophy will continue according to the schedule communicated yesterday evening. We are sorru for the continued delay!

3-27-2018 Delayed Hero Trophy matches

Because of an issue, no fixtures have been created for the second round of the Hero Trophy. A fix will be applied in the coming hours, but because of the problems, these matches will be delayed by 8 hours.

3-26-2018 Delayed Generation Trophies

This weekend, there was a problem with the scheduling of the matches for this week's Generation Trophies,. This has now been fixed, but the schedule of the tournaments will change as follows:

Trophy of Legends: The first matches were played as expected, however the second round was never scheduled. This second round will now be played on Wednesday morning instead, starting around 2 AM (HT-time).

All other tournaments will have their first round played on Tuesday evening, starting around 6 PM (HT-time), and the second round will be played on Wednesday morning.

In other words: ALLl tournaments will be 24 hour delayed from their original schedule, up to and including the finals.

We are sorry for this and hope you all have an enjoyable competition despite this delay!

3-8-2018 Release notes 8th March

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• We fixed an access issue for mentors regarding the training estimation page if their mentee is a non-Supporter.
• From now on we handle things in a better way when the opponent doesn't have recent matches with a valid lineup in the match orders review tab and team analyzer.
• Platinum and Diamond Supporters no longer have a limit when nominating for the Hall of Fame.
• In Tournament, Ladder and Single matches we will now also inform about the weather.
• Benchplayers are now allowed to be set as man markers. They can be set in the review tab and will start man marking when they enter the field.
• You can now see the contribution of your assistant trainers to the background form in the summary on the staff page. We also added the effects to the table in the staff chapter of the manual.
• In the Chances Distribution Table (post-match), non-tactical long shots are now counted as 'Other'.
• we have updated the manual with paragraphs about man marking. You can find this in the chapter 'Lineup: The basics'.

As always we also release other minor bugfixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

2-8-2018 Super Replay bug fixed

About 700 Super Replays between 31-01-2018 and 05-02-2018 have been affected by an internal test we were running during those days. We fixed the bug and we also updated all the affected replays with the correct values. Values are cached and need some time to be available on all our servers. Thank you for your understanding.

2-7-2018 Release notes 7th February

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• We fixed an issue where the team training estimation main page showed different values than the training estimation for a specific player.
• When you remove a nomination for the Hall of Fame, the slot is now be re-added. Also player nicknames should be showing everywhere now.
• We also released a few fixes to the match order form, including incorrectly removing the captain and set pieces taker when placing penalty kickers, and some Firefox-specific design issues.

As always we also release other minor bugfixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

1-10-2018 New draw on Hattrick Masters

We had some technical issues during the last update on Hattrick Masters and several teams ended up with multiple scheduled matches for the next round. We did the draw again to fix the problem. If you have already sent your orders, you should do it again. Thank you for your understanding.

12-15-2017 Old match engine

All matches (except youth, ladder and tournament matches) will use the old match engine until Monday morning. We replaced it so that NT and U20 matches will not have any issue with the new special events.

12-15-2017 Problems with youth matches

Yesterday we had some problems with the youth match engine which resulted in many matches being played with incorrect lineups, something which also affected the training. This issue was fixed yesterday. Today we've been trying to find a way to fix the data and training, but unfortunately we've been unsuccessful. This means that the matches stay as they were played. Training has not been lost, but it has been applied according to those faulty lineups. We offer our sincerest apologies for this inconvenience.

12-14-2017 Release notes 14th December

Today we released improved loading time (no spinner) for the matchorder and team analyzer pages.

12-9-2017 (Fixed) No matches yet for the next Generation Cup round

Next round of Generation Cups hasn't been created. We are investigating the reason and will fix it as soon as possible.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you!

Edit: We created the matches for next round and we will keep any eye during the weekend if it happens again.

12-4-2017 New matches schedule for the Generation Cups

Due to the high amount of participants on the Generation Cups, we had to change the schedule and add 5 minutes break between the tournaments. All new match times are available now on the main tournament's page.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you!

11-23-2017 Short downtime

At 14:00h (CET) there will be a short downtime of approximately 20 minutes because of some maintenance to our database server. Transfers with a deadline during the downtime will be extended.

Update 14:20h (CET): All transfers with a deadline between 14:03h and 14:20h have been extended by 30 minutes.

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