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Coppa del Nonno VIII Serie

This is the Divisional Consolation Cup. This is a competition for teams that have exited a Divisional Challenger Cup early.

Cup winners Season
The special one's team67
The special one's team66
Honestly Speaking65
Atletico La Fenice63
Demarco Team62
the GS Virtus Revolution61
Solar Genoa60
Gente furba di San Carlo59
Gente furba di San Carlo58
f.c - barcellona57
Atletico Caino56
Number of wins
Gente furba di San Carlo2
The special one's team2
Atletico Caino1
Atletico La Fenice1
Demarco Team1
f.c - barcellona1
Honestly Speaking1
Solar Genoa1
the GS Virtus Revolution1

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