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Coppa Bernina

This is a national Challenger Cup, open to teams that have been eliminated from the main National Cup. There are three different Challenger Cups for each league, each of similar strength and with their own trophy.

Cup winners Season
Mureberg Unite56
SC La Jolla55
Malatuna '1454
Santo Domingo Ciudad Modelo53
perfetto nel filetto52
FC E/M51
Union Basilea50
Magic Rheintal49
1. FC Rebourg48
FC Röschenz47
FC Wiesendangen 146
Puidoux FC45
lemieux allstars44
Triumph United43
Number of wins
1. FC Rebourg1
FC Röschenz1
FC Wiesendangen 11
lemieux allstars1
Magic Rheintal1
Malatuna '141
Mureberg Unite1
perfetto nel filetto1
Puidoux FC1
Santo Domingo Ciudad Modelo1
SC La Jolla1
Triumph United1
Union Basilea1

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