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Malta Malta

National info

Season 48 is being played right now.

Has 16 regions and is located in Europe. Currency is €.

Out of 2 728 available teams, of which 265 are active, 22 are logged in.

Reigning champions


Koiralan Koirat
Managed by Jamijami Supporter Platinum


Koiralan Koirat
Managed by Jamijami Supporter Platinum

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Next event

3-20-2019 17:00 - Cup and friendlies

Hattrick Press

9-1-2012 Anniversarju ta Hattrick

L istorja tat tim tieghi Maltezos(709352)

4177 views Written by jillyjones

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6-27-2012 FAQ on Youth Academies

I've listed a number of questions asked on the Maltese forum about Youth Academies which were asked by various users and were answered by RavenJ_BSHI and myself.

1891 views Written by markT05

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11-3-2011 The importance to be...trained!

How long do you play Hattrick?
1 season, 1 years, 10 years or 1 week?
It's not so important, because all managers playing Hattrick can simply notice how Hattrick is changing.

As a worm can suddenly become a marvellous batterfly, Hattrick started to be simply a normal game with just a few but good ideas, and season by season, thanks to the help of all of us, it's the actual hard game to play.

During this long evolution period, just a few things never changed, at least in the concept of what you need to do and not as you need to do it: you always have to train your players.

Training. Let's speak together how important is to make this, and just a few tips about this needed feature.

3483 views Written by RavenJ_BSHI

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6-28-2011 Hattrick Malta is on Facebook now!

Since a few time, Hattrick made is debut on Facebook, and now, that i'm writing this article, 126.200 managers likes the official Facebook page.

The idea of creating the official page has been really brilliant, above all because at this moment, in the world, Facebook is the main reason for people to enter internet, to share our life with our best friends.

So, if Hattrick (global) has his own FB page, why don't we create an Hattrick Malta page?

I thought this, i made this.

1981 views Written by RavenJ_BSHI

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6-28-2011 Tips for having a better youth academy (Part 1)

Here you can find a few tips on how to manage your youth academy.

1891 views Written by markT05

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4-15-2009 The Three Kings

Once upon a time, a club was languishing in the bottom tiers of Maltese football, bankrupt and only making money by selling hot dogs (bought cheap due to long-gone expiry date) after the local altar boys' Friday Night Disco. The players donning the shirt did it with pride but were finding it hard to make ends meet especially the captain who had to juggle his footballing duties with his part-time job at the zoo...feeding the monkeys. The youth team was also in shambles as they were finding it difficult to find enough players to line-up for the match, so the cheerleaders had to play too (not that our boys were disappointed with the decision). The ground was also a disaster resembling more a war zone than a stadium since to make costs meet, it was also used as a home for stray dogs, cats and the occasional drunk local who thinks he's eligible to join the gang.

That was, until a new era dawned upon the club when the Three Kings arrived.

1814 views Written by PaZzOmUtAnT

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4-6-2009 TTM Final

RRB - Doomers

Clash of the Titans!

4825 views Written by -Roli-

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3-20-2009 Storja ta' Leggenda - Silvio Fabri

4484 views Written by markT05

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12-30-2008 Premier Division: last two games

Who is going to be crowned king of Malta?

Who is going to accompany Selmun to second division?

1547 views Written by -Roli-

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11-26-2008 TTM Round 8

Previews of all the 8 games.

4632 views Written by -Roli-

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