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Brunei Brunei

National info

Season 39 is being played right now.

Has 4 regions and is located in Asia. Currency is BND.

Out of 168 available teams, of which 94 are active, 13 are logged in.

Reigning champions


Alegria :)
Managed by -jon- Supporter Platinum


Alegria :)
Managed by -jon- Supporter Platinum

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3-23-2019 01:50 - Weekly and daily updates

Hattrick Press

10-30-2011 Youth Rehabilitation

Youth investment is a very important part of a team that plays in a small league like the Bruneian one.

2250 views Written by Alex_Bere

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5-31-2010 Brunei, the community and the game

Here are a few of the latest events in Brunei, including the reborn Mentoring program and the Questions topic. Don't forget to follow the National Teams and give us your input. It's always welcome.

1937 views Written by Ady_coldfire

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3-25-2010 Database and Training

Do you want a National Player?:

Update them weekly on the database to give them the best chance.

1989 views Written by Mental123

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1-9-2010 Waking Brunei

I got here over 2 seasons, and i was active in BNTTC and Brunei forum, but about every 15th manager that is posting is local, Bruneian user. That is bad, because if any NT and U-20 have desire to progress, local users are needed.

1831 views Written by Dule-13

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10-1-2009 Brunei fairytale

This is a happy ending fairytale about a miraculus success of Brunei u20 team, lead by jolbe_ as well as written by jolbe_

1981 views Written by jolbe_

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