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Maldives Maldives

National info

Season 35 is being played right now.

Has 20 regions and is located in Asia. Currency is rufiyaa.

Out of 168 available teams, of which 93 are active, 10 are logged in.

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Basic Dream Team
Managed by Basic80 Supporter Platinum


Basic Dream Team
Managed by Basic80 Supporter Platinum

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12-14-2018 18:05 - Daily updates, confidence

Hattrick Press

9-19-2018 Life and Hattrick

Article written by the user HPE-JTWetzel (7591497), which I found very interesting and I decided to share with HT users here in the Maldives. It deals with life and hattrick

7 views Written by Diego-3

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8-3-2011 Who is the man behind... Humamu

Humamu, one of the most active managers in the Maldives, talks!
In this interview he'll give his opninion about his own team, the NT/U-20 of Dhivehi Raajje and the weather in his beautiful country.

Enjoy it!

1953 views Written by Thibi

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4-15-2011 Maldives' World Cup Glory - Season 8

A guide to the Maldives' fantastic World Cup Qualifying, how/what/why we did certain things - here's all to know.

2030 views Written by TomG123

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7-2-2010 A Maldivian user, VascoDaGamma, in the spotlight

I have interviewed VascoDaGamma, a recently Maldivian manager.
I hope you will enjoy it and maybe we can do it again?


2132 views Written by Thibi

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5-31-2010 Ultimate Guide to Setting up a Club

Starting Hattrick can be tough. As long as you follow some simple steps you can achieve and within a couple of seasons be climbing the league ladder. If you want to know how you can do the best to set up and start winnning read on.

2637 views Written by TomG123

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11-24-2009 Money from supporters

A major source of income considered in all aspects!

2239 views Written by HPE-relu_

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8-23-2009 Youth-Academy

Youth-Academy: The new system where you play with youngsters and at the age of 17, you can promote them to your senior-squad.

If you have a Youth-Academy or considered to start up one, it’s necessarily that you read this…

In 10 points we want to let you know how the youth-academy works and how to manage it properly.

What stands on the menu:
1. How to get started?
2. What do you need to train?
3. Training individual
4. How do you know you have some potential in your YA?
5. Analysing your scout reports
6. Analysing training notes
7. What are the costs of a youth-academy?
8. League and tactical choices
9. When to pull?

2669 views Written by koekedallie

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