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Oceania Oceania

National info

Season 51 is being played right now.

Has 20 regions and is located in Oceania. Currency is AU$.

Out of 10 920 available teams, of which 1 275 are active, 47 are logged in.

Hattrick Press

3-25-2015 Pacific Premiership - 46, Round 1

The headline of the first round is the 1-3 home loss for reigning premiers Waverley Hawks to last seasons #2, Arms and Legs, which sets up a fascinating season.

The two most obvious challengers to the reigning premier are now both a match clear of Waverley, and in the case of Arms and Legs, a 6 point turn around, and a home game to defend the return leg with. Mofs, the other obvious challenger, won heavily against the Mariners and has a nice +5 goal difference banked if it all squares up at the end.

In other results, Candy managed to shake off a persistent Bondi at home with a late winner, and Shire ground out an important away point, and prevented Woburn making an immediate break away from the general vicinity of the relegation and qualifier zones.

1021 views Written by YamahaR1

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3-19-2015 Pacific Premiership Season 46 Preview

Oceanias top division is shaping up to be a brilliant season in season 46

Join Hattrick press as we follow the top Oceanian competition throughout the season.

1171 views Written by YamahaR1

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3-13-2015 Oceania's Season 46 is on!

The Oceanian hattrick season has started now, your first cup fixture is live, and its time to get your OCP tips in!

1050 views Written by YamahaR1

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5-3-2014 Community - a huge part of Hattrick

The home page of Hattrick states that the "community is a huge part of Hattrick. Check out our lively forums and make friends from around the world.". The impact of this community is different for everyone, but for me, it is key to keeping people in the game and the main reason why I am still playing after 10 years.

1504 views Written by GM-Kitto

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4-15-2014 HT-Gusy: "I miss latin music and dancing"

This is a Meet&Greet interview, put together by the Ht-Global editors, written by artod together with HT-Gusy (272466), a Venezuelan girl who is working as a developer for hattrick (a Swedish-based football manager game).

1400 views Written by Natstradamus

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3-19-2014 The Oceanian Cup – Who will Prevail?

After 12 weeks of intense matches, nervous waiting and a few penalty shootouts comes the cup final. To be contested between Bondi 1893 & Arms & Legs this Wednesday.

1514 views Written by torks

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1-22-2014 Daowei hails Fomai as key figure!

Add to H-T Live:

The Rd.5 Cup clash between Two Div.IV Powerhouses (467834613)

Funki Stuff (172) vs. Queensland Roar FC (349) @ Mac Arena!

1775 views Written by StraightTooTheTop

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11-18-2013 The Slugs need YOU!

Local manager born2reign pulled no punches about the state of the Oceanic National Teams recently when he was interviewed by OrangeStar for The Oceanian. The National Team does not just belong to the National Team Coach or a select few on the Oceania National Federation/Forum; it belongs to all of us, and we all need to get involved, regardless of the results we achieve. This is an extract from the interview in Issue 99 of Oceania's longest running HT News Magazine (16415208.1).

1487 views Written by OrangeStar

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5-26-2013 Close to my heart

Oceania is a nation close to my heart, yet I have no biological connection.
So why is Oceania so close to me?

1795 views Written by Mr_Mayhem

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5-18-2013 Help! I've been promoted to Div IV!

Have you recently been promoted into your first 'seriously' competitive division?

As part of the Oceanian Mentoring Program, I am mentoring a player who has just been promoted into Div IV. This is the first time he has been in a competitive division. I presume there are a number of players in the same position so I thought it might be worthwhile posting some of the mails I've sent and received here, to get an idea of the kinds of advice you'd get, if you asked the same questions of a long term manager.

I'm going to concentrate purely on the first things you need to think about, and as it happens, it's familiar to me right now.

I've been in every division in Oceania, and played since 2005. I am trying to give enough information for managers to make an informed decision here. I'm not trying to make any decisions for them. I've done this purely to show others the kinds of things they should be thinking about in that first, 'oh my God' week.

Note - I am presuming that basic training is already in place, with a YA being going concern.

1989 views Written by bolt1493

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