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Pakistan Pakistan

National info

Season 53 is being played right now.

Has 16 regions and is located in Asia. Currency is rupee.

Out of 680 available teams, of which 76 are active, 9 are logged in.

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3-21-2019 05:30 - Daily updates

Hattrick Press

10-23-2018 Miracle on the field- Qualification into the World Cup XXVIII

Pakistan has truly given us a true underdog story that we can all somehow relate to. It brings back stories like South Korea making the semi finals of the World Cup in 2002, or Leicester City winning the premier league against all odds. What could a country of 82 active users actually do? We dive deep into how Pakistan made it through a brutal qualifying campaign and how we managed to cope against all odds and expectations.

14 views Written by carpet87

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9-17-2009 For beginners

First of all, hi to all players from Pakistan. Currently Pakistan have only 100 players but I am sure that more will follow soon! Well to all new players...read this. It's something to help you start in Hattrick. Well I still recommend that you read Rules first but if you are too lazy to read it, at least read this ;)

2791 views Written by W-dic

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