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National info

Season 51 is being played right now.

Has 37 regions and is located in Africa. Currency is kNaira.

Out of 680 available teams, of which 145 are active, 9 are logged in.

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3-20-2019 11:30 - Cup and friendlies

Hattrick Press

1-22-2017 The Youth Academy - A Guide

This guide is intended to provide just а few basic pointers to help you when first you start a youth academy. In a smaller nation like Nigeria, every talent produced can make a difference so even a youngster with double inadequate skill set could be trained to become a U20/NT to help Nigeria.

Some managers have claimed that there is "no sense in starting an academy, because there's no financial benefit from it." However, 20 000 Euro expenses per week is affordable, even if you're starting a new team (I'm saying this with the idea that you are able to look after the team finances). Often, managers can think "oh, no, I've been pulling disastrous-weak players every week for two seasons, why I am even bothering?" All it takes though is just one star player to compensate for the expense involved in previous seasons.

Overall, with good planning and a little luck, one can achieve much through running an academy, and you will certainly be helping Nigeria. On top of this, you will enjoy the thrill when you see your kid reveal solid/excellent potential or when he has the "proper" specialty for his position ... or perhaps even when he one day puts on the Nigeria national shirt! ;)

938 views Written by Trent71

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12-26-2014 U-20 Nigeria New Coach

Further enlightenment visit Nigeria U-20 overview.

Matters relating & debate for WC Qualification Group 14 go World Cup Topic (16717027.1)

1756 views Written by Rufus_Pandora

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10-2-2014 Vroom, vroom: the match engine!

Our friends at Global Hattrick Press, have produced a very handy article about the workings of the match engine, you can find the original by trigrottro_e_klolala (10193531) here (18016)

The Match Engine is the software which generates all the events reported within any given Hattrick match, and in so doing generates the final match results. Over the years it has been the most criticized aspect of the game (not always constructively) but this crucial component of the game mechanics is the one that many users would much like to see improved and updated (especially after experiencing an unlikely loss).

Notwithstanding these voices of discontent, and although many of you reading this may well have complained about results generated by our Match Engine, do you actually know HOW it works?

In this article we've done our best to explain those inner machinations!

With any luck, by reading this article and learning a bit more about it, you'll be able to understand the game a bit better, improving your match orders skills. Most importantly of all, the next time you lose a match, despite having better ratings everywhere, you'll be able to post a technically more informed complaint entitled "Why did I loose?" :P

We hope you enjoy it!

1615 views Written by LA-artod

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8-4-2014 culled from HT-Johan

New cup system. Nigeria do you like it?

2442 views Written by So4ok8

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6-4-2014 HT-Gusy: "I miss latin music and dancing"

Meet HT-Gusy, a Venezuelan girl working as a developer for a Swedish football manager game.

1673 views Written by Mod-Koren

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12-23-2013 Super Eagles - Review 2013

2013 is nearly over... The Nigerian football team, the Super Eagles, did a great job. But maybe even more surprising was the work of the HT Super Eagles. Here we want to savour these historical moments and share them with the rest of the world!

1961 views Written by Goriola_WONT_PAY

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12-23-2013 The Cross River Cannibal

The Cannibal is coming. Flee while you still can. You have been warned.

1767 views Written by McGarnagle

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10-29-2013 The barrack stays just new soldiers

Hello, my name is Jide Fowler. I am a 42 year old solid coach of a division III series team in Nigeria. Do not bother looking me up. I choose to remain anonymous so my age and name has been "altered". I am a Nigerian. I played in the U-20 and senior team World cups. Here is how it all began.

1853 views Written by So4ok8

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1-7-2011 The manager never sleeps

I went to bed around 2:30am. My team would be playing the friendly now. Should I watch it live? Noo! I'll get the run down tomorrow. But I can't sleep!

2045 views Written by So4ok8

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8-17-2010 The future is here

Over the years the YA (youth academy) has been the source of ne newest players. Very skilled, semi-skilled and those who were promoted only to fill the numbers; promising talents only to be fired after the first few weeks. This article will put you in the boots (literarily) of an average Nigerian unskilled youth.

1882 views Written by So4ok8

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