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United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

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Season 50 is being played right now.

Has 7 regions and is located in Asia. Currency is Dirham.

Out of 2 728 available teams, of which 101 are active, 3 are logged in.

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Hattrick Press

10-18-2016 WCQ XXV - UAE/U20 want visit Pakistan

After the last "Hattrick Press article" from Unit Arab Emirates, 6 years ago, I would like to pick up our rusty typewriter from the archive.

MmXXDEjgae24% 67743(9nsmdq - now it seems as if some keys are already stuck, but I hope that I can be understood :-) - ljiflsjlsi4ßjlcldj - arrrrg and again, what's going on?

492 views Written by Sero76

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6-9-2010 The Cup-Round 8 XxSemifinalsxX

As the cup progress continues , last weeks cup quarterfinals was a classic round with least number of suprise. This weeks cup round will be the semifinals , and this time i am sure there will be a clash of titans. Kojak united and Azad have survived this long cup and reached the semifinals , both those teams will be looking to meet at a cup final, but they have healthy fighters to face which are inter AD and IFK castleEcast . Both of those teams defeated former champions Warrawong grasshoppers and Notax united. Kojak and Azad are trying to get 1 more cup so that they can be equal to the sheiks who won the cup 5 times and after them Azad and Kojak with 4 times.

1701 views Written by kingkloboy

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5-31-2010 The Cup-Round 7

We have seen a very close Round 6 but the upcoming quarterfinals will be even closer
as we know head to the part were most cups lose good teams. The last round the
teams were 1- Winning 11 2- Azad 3- Warrawong grasshoppers 4- juve juniors 5-Alexa 6- No tax united 7-Bianconeri4ever 8-Desert Wolves F.C 9- Heart United 10-Kojak united 11- Al-Qurri 12-Indian vikings 13- Wild boys U.A.E 14- IFK castEcastle
15- Los Blancos F. C. 16- Inter AD. The Teams have reduced by half now as we head to the Quarter Finals it should Get interesting, As the games usually start in a hopefull way for the Weaker manger against the stronger manger it still ends in the simply Expected way. United Arab Emarites has been increasing the last Few days in the number of players which means a bigger league and increasing both our National Team's and Youth Team's Power and Players A good piece of news for experinced players to find more challenges.

1829 views Written by kingkloboy

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5-31-2010 The Cup -Round 6

The Cup is Getting to its Final Rounds and now we face a nice round which could hold a suprise or two for Big Teams,So We all know which teams survived, and these are 1- Azad 2- Winning 11 3-Alexa 4- kojak united 5- Juve juniros 6- Warrawong Grasshoppers 7- Bianconeri4ever 8- Desert Wolves F.C 9- Heart United 10- NoTax united 11-al qurri 12-indian vikings 13-Wild boys U.A.E 14- IFK castcastle 15- los blancos F.C , and finally 16- Inter A.D. If you have been elminated from the cup that does not mean you should not keep up to date with the news

1769 views Written by kingkloboy

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5-19-2010 May 2010 - New article setup

In an updated setup of the now monthly articles, there will be a critical view on the effects of the new rules for this season for club teams. The broader availability of tactics would reward strategic line-ups more than only great players. But how does this actually affect club teams? Today, the remainder of the Article will be filled with an update of the leagues, the Cup, and the National Teams. In the future, a new part of the Articles will be a Team Review, in which a young and not yet so highly ranked team will be analyzed – what does the team have to change to find his way to the top, and what are its strengths already, compared to other new teams? In later editions, you will also find other new items as well, such as Interviews with famous local or international Hattrick-users, in which they will explain their key to success, and give their view on the game More to be announced in next Article.

1615 views Written by Schumi-

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4-7-2010 Matchday 14 – A review of the league matches

Last weekend was the finish of the leagues. While the top leagues already had their champions, other teams where still fighting for a good final place. Some were fighting to end in Top 4 and thus to avoid a Qualifier match, others then were fighting to get that Qualifier match by jumping into Top 6 on the last moment. The Qualifiers make the end of the season especially interesting, also because not all champions get direct promotion. Which of the four champions would get direct promotion and which one will fighting against Amiri-teams for promotion?

1667 views Written by Schumi-

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3-29-2010 Matchday 13 – A review of the league matches

This weekend was the second-last round of league matches. Thisround gave us our last Champion of the Divisions II and also answered many other questions regarding promotion and relegation. However, with just 1 week left, there remain some interesting questionmarks. For example, who will become best-of-the-rest next to Azad? And even though all Divisions II have a champion already, the differences for direct promotion or minimal, so that none of them is sure of direct promotion yet. Read about last weekend’s matches in this week’s Article!

1709 views Written by Schumi-

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3-23-2010 Matchday 12 – A review of the league matches

The Amiri League already has its champion, as Azad has taken a huge gap to the followers, but apart from that, everything else remains possible. Decisions about relegation get further and further delayed, and excitement rises because of that. How different is that in the Division II… In each of the last 2 weeks, we could already congratulate a new champion, and this week the third champion of the Divisions II is known. Only 1 yet to go, and it is most likely that this champion will be known after the coming matches. Even though the titles are given easily away in Division II, the direct promotion spots are not that easy to get. That fight will continue for quite a few more weeks.

1610 views Written by Schumi-

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3-19-2010 Matchday 11 – A review of the league matches

Last week you could read in the Article that Azad had around 50% chance to take their 11th title in the Amiri League this weekend. Did they do it already, or were the celebrations delayed? At least in the Division II we have another champion now as well after IFK CastECastle last week. Also a little view on the situation regarding promotion to the Amiri League is included. The time of the season has come that gives answers to the questions raised at the start. Are you interested in answers? If yes, read the Article!

1632 views Written by Schumi-

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3-9-2010 Matchday 10 – A review of the league matches

Still four rounds of matches to play, but one of the four Divisions 2 already has a champion, plus two Division 3 – leagues as well. To see which teams are champion already, read the Article, and then you can also see that the Article finishes with virtual standings for the Amiri League that would have been the case if all matches would have ended after just one half – you will see some striking differences with the current standings! Of course, also the reviews of last weekend’s matches are included.

1540 views Written by Schumi-

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