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Jamaica Jamaica

National info

Season 49 is being played right now.

Has 14 regions and is located in North and Central America. Currency is JMD.

Out of 680 available teams, of which 142 are active, 15 are logged in.

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3-21-2019 11:50 - Daily updates

Hattrick Press

9-26-2017 Interview with HT-Johan

Someone who feels happy and fortunate to be able to dedicate his life to HT, offering since 1998 a great entertainment to thousands and thousands of managers (280.000 at this moment all over the world in 128 countries).

We guess that he's lived the best and the worst in his game, the game of we all! But now, his story is a story of success. 20 years of success! HT is alive.

153 views Written by HPE-relu_

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9-14-2017 lnterview with Jamaica NT coach

KGUN13 (502874), the very new coach of Jamaica NT, answered a few questions about him, his plans regarding the qualifications, Hattrick and some other stuff.

Let's see what he said...

181 views Written by HPE-relu_

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6-16-2016 Starting out with Hattrick

Welcome to the Hattrick world! You’ve just received your team, and you’re probably asking yourself “What next? How do I play this game? When is the next match? Should I increase the stadium size? Who should be my team’s goalkeeper? These players are all no-names, where’s the likes of Maradona, Van Basten, Gheorghe Hagi? How should I prepare the match?”

Anyway, before jumping right into the pool, let’s check the water temperature first and start with some warming up! Take your time, this is only your first day in Hattrick, there’s people around here with as much as 15 years in this game, most of whom have done a ton of mistakes in their first days/weeks – now is your chance to learn from their experience and from their mistakes and, as time goes by, you may as well achieve better results than they had.

You’ve read the game rules and possibly a beginner’s guide to Hattrick, you’ve chosen perhaps one or more CHPP assistant tools and you’ve grown somewhat accustomed to Hattrick’s web interface – having accomplished all these, you’re anxious now to deep dive into the actual game.
So, what are those main aspects you should focus on?

797 views Written by spanac777

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9-8-2015 Youth Academy - A Simple "How to" Guide

This guide will be just а few basic things to help when you start with the youth academy. In a smaller nation like Jamaica, every talent produced makes a difference and even a double inadequate can become a U20/NT potential.

Quite often I heard the phrase "no sense in starting an academy, because there's no financial benefit from it." The 400.000 JMD expenses per week are not a lot, even if you're just beginning (I'm saying this with the idea that you have decent planning). Usually, people think "oh, no, I'm pulling crap players for two seasons now, why I am doing this", but in reality, all it takes sometimes is even just one player to cover the losses inflicted in seasons. Overall, with good planning and a little luck, one can achieve much through the academy, and in helping Reggae Boys. Not to mention the thrill when you see your kid reveal solid/excellent potential or when he has the "proper" specialty for his position ... or even when he puts on Jamaica's national shirt! ;)

1713 views Written by HPE-relu_

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11-16-2014 Vroom, vroom: the match engine!

The Match Engine is the software which generates all the events reported within any given Hattrick match, and in so doing generates the final match results. Over the years it has been the most criticized aspect of the game (not always constructively) but this crucial component of the game mechanics is the one that many users would much like to see improved and updated (especially after experiencing an unlikely loss).

Notwithstanding these voices of discontent, and although many of you reading this may well have complained about results generated by our Match Engine, do you actually know HOW it works?

In this article we've done our best to explain those inner machinations!

With any luck, by reading this article and learning a bit more about it, you'll be able to understand the game a bit better, improving your match orders skills. Most importantly of all, the next time you lose a match, despite having better ratings everywhere, you'll be able to post a technically more informed complaint entitled "Why did I loose?" :P

We hope you enjoy it!


1528 views Written by HPE-relu_

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4-4-2014 HT-Gusy: "I miss latin music and dancing"

This is a Meet&Greet interview, put together by the Ht-Global editors, written by artod together with HT-Gusy (272466), a Venezuelan girl who is working as a developer for hattrick (a Swedish-based football manager game).

1765 views Written by HPE-relu_

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12-30-2011 How to register on HT-world and submit your team

Since when, last year, the security code has been cancelled, many of us started to have problems with registering and submitting their own team on the Global Tracker (www.ht-world.org), due to the new procedure that was enabled.

Many guides have been created to help people with the tricky steps that need to be followed in order to do everything correctly, but we thought it would have been helpful to create one made through images and links, which makes the registration and submitting your team and your players even easier.

If you want to check if there are interesting players in your team, please follow the next steps. Who knows, maybe next generation's champion will be one of your team!

2539 views Written by Totelez

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8-1-2011 The Youth Academy - Part 2

The Youth Academy - Part 2

Start reading from this article : The Youth Academy - Part 1

For Part 2 :

4. Scouts
4a. Scouted players
4b. The Meaning of 'Overall'

5. Training

5a. Individual Training
5b. Training Reports

Please read continuation for complete info ....

4342 views Written by Sir-Peyman

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8-1-2011 The Youth Academy - Part 1

The Youth Academy - Part 1

For Part 1 :

1. Introduction

1a. Should you NOT open a YA?
1b. Reasons to open a YA.

2. Neighborhood Kids

2a. Stars?
2b. Revealing Skills

3. Choosing a League

Please read continuation for complete info ....

2169 views Written by Sir-Peyman

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7-21-2011 Youth Academy: Some other basic points

Making the right scouting decisions is crucial for a successful youth academy. But it requires quite a lot of experience and many new users just don't know how to decide whether a player is worth accepting or not. This guide is aimed to help newbies to understand the basics of scouting, making better decisions and create the basis for a profitable youth academy.

Number of Scouts:
First, I suggest you to hire two more scouts right at the beginning to have the maximum of 3 scouts. You will easily cover these expenses with youth player sales and even make quite a lot of profit in the long run. You can still dismiss one or two scouts later, when you think that you have already enough promising talents to train. The advantage of having several scouts is that you can decline the first scout offer if it is a bad one and ask for another offer from your second (and if necessary from your third) scout. That way, you get more chances to pick up a good talent. Take care: if you have declined an offer you will never be able to reverse that decision. If you have accepted the offer from one of your scouts, you cannot ask your other scouts any more in the same week. You can only accept one new player per week

Please read continuation for more ....

2290 views Written by Sir-Peyman

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