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Kenya Kenya

National info

Season 49 is being played right now.

Has 8 regions and is located in Africa. Currency is KES.

Out of 680 available teams, of which 121 are active, 11 are logged in.

Reigning champions


KasKusi Lions
Managed by Anaorgos Supporter Diamond


E-town Bastards
Managed by Vadeve Supporter Platinum

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Next event

3-20-2019 11:00 - Cup and friendlies

Hattrick Press

2-28-2016 Season 38

Lets take a look in last season, who were the champions and how was the season for the other managers?

Have fun!

934 views Written by Numa79

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12-12-2015 Draxi, the two time winner of the first league

My 2nd article is an interview with Draxi (1665700) who won the first league in Kenya with his second team.

Lets take a look in his life.

971 views Written by Numa79

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11-22-2015 Xarapia, the achievements queen

The first Hattrick Press for me (Numa), is an interview with a local, former U20 coach Xarapia. In this interview we will get to know Xarapia a little better.

I hope you all enjoy this article.

942 views Written by Numa79

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1-25-2013 Secrets&Tricks

I have received some messages asking that what is my secret in HT. In my point of view there is no secrets, it is all about strategy and developing your team. There are many ways how to build up your team and there are many small advantages that can make difference in the end.

1899 views Written by ELDII

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1-25-2013 Season 29 about to start!

Preview to Kenya's Top Series before season 29...

1709 views Written by Namres

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11-30-2012 One Dream Achieved, One to Go!

Femusca86 asked me to write an article about winning the Cup.

1689 views Written by ELDII

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11-8-2012 Ligi Kuu Ya Kenya week 6 coming up

Whats happening in Kenyas Top Flight?

1806 views Written by Namres

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10-28-2012 Ligi Kuu Ya Kenya this Season

What a Season it is gonna be!

1812 views Written by Namres

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10-25-2012 New Era

Short time ago Femusca86 became a national coach of Kenya. Now he holds two positions as he has done brilliant work to bring U20 team up.

I decided to make few questions about what is his strategy to bring national team also up.

1551 views Written by ELDII

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9-21-2012 Promotion to Ligi Kuu Ya Kenya

The season is happily over, and I was poromoted to Ligi Kuu Ya Kenya. Last time I was there was only one season long, so I need to build up a team that can stay there. Season break is exciting time because you need to analyze your team and your becoming rivals. Also planning the budget for the season and perhaps buying some good players. At this stage the motivation is very high and everything is still possible. :)

1654 views Written by ELDII

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