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Regional info

Country: Bulgaria
Number of teams: 241
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Partially Cloudy Partially cloudy
Forecast for tomorrow: Overcast Overcast
Latitude: 43°25'N
Longitude: 24°37'E


22:08 FC Garfield 2016: miaow!!!

Who says cats cannot play football... The successors of Garfield will show everyone that their team is talanted and apt in many ways, main target is not just to win, but to realize technical and creative potential in every one of them, to make all Garfield's fans happy and proud of him.


1 . Mostly Harmless8th  Vissha Liga
2 . Vesela_Druzina1st  IV.21
3 . FC Peternica2nd  IV.13
4 . LIVERPOOL_pln3rd  IV.52
5 . /\eBcKu3rd  IV.48
6 . Eagle Nails5th  IV.55
7 . AFC Breste5th  IV.20
8 . spartak pn5th  IV.63
9 . B_Night`s team6th  IV.53
10 . RAIDERS6th  IV.5
11 . Storgoziq FC6th  IV.31
12 . SpartakDrujba7th  IV.60
13 . FC MANGIZA8th  IV.35
14 . Mussel1st  V.15
15 . Red Star Pleven1st  V.72
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