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Country: England
Number of teams: 293
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Overcast Overcast
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Latitude: 53°25'N
Longitude: 3°0'W


22:46 Cowberries: First time in IV for Cowberries

14 matches.
42 points.

For the first time in the club's history Cowberries achieved a perfect season.
This means that we go into the new season with a lot of optimism.
The ambition for the new season will be to avoid relegation. This will make both fans and management happy.
The big question. What additions to the team will be needed to achieve this?

Defender Brice decided to leave the club after promotion was secured.

Irvin Brice
111 matches
19 goals
18 yellow
3 red

Other recent departures:

Leo Amberstone
57 matches
14 goals
2 yellow

Jordan Kent
49 matches
8 goals

Raphael Boulton
54 matches
8 goals
7 yellow
1 red

Amberstone, Kent and Boulton all fought really hard for several seasons without making the big breakthrough.
We wish them all the best for the future.

Recent achievements:
Noah Oud - 100 matches
Adam Scheding - 100 matches
Ian Harrad - 50 matches
Marcelo Plaza - 50 matches

Red Berries Forever!!!


07:57 Mersey Toffees FC: Mersey Toffees gain promotion to V.63

The board of directors at Mersey Toffees FC were delighted to see their club gain auto-promotion to division V.63, bouncing back into Division V after seeing themselves unlucky to be relegated two seasons ago.

The Blues come into the new season with a strong side and the fans are hoping that the likes of Richárd Törőcsik, Barnabás Sebő, and Humberto Makaus can lead the side towards a an ambitious top four finish in the first attempt. There hasn't been much transfer activity during the off season although Chris Landray has hinted a couple of departures are likely with the possibility of one incoming transfer to help the depth of the side.

Fans of the club are also anxiously awaiting the fixture list and are sure to point straight to any fixtures against local rivals Bevvyheads FC which are sure to be fiery affairs, the club also faces away trips to London, Warwickshire, Nottinghamshire, the West Midlands, and Northumberland throughout the course of the season.


11:33 Allerton: Champions again

A strong all round showing from the team this year resulted in a second successive title and this time auto promotion. There was luck on the way with PICs coming off early leading to more scope for PICs late on. Add to that some misfortune for the closest rivals and the margin of victory was a bit flattering.

The squad is beginning to age and a focus on new young keepers might keep us from avoiding relegation next season but we shall see when we get there. Regardless we are looking forward to the challenge.

For the first time I'm giving out a player of the season award. This season it'll be Tim Shannon -played alot of first team matches because he was in form for most of the season. Really boosted our midfield which in the end was key in this division.


14:49 Crazy Mice FC: Golden Friendly

September, 18th, 2016, our team is going to play a very important friendly versus R.C.D Tanque (498482) - argentinian champion.

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