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Regional info

Country: Russia
Number of teams: 843
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Partially cloudy Partially cloudy
Forecast for tomorrow: Partially cloudy Partially cloudy
Latitude: 55°43'N
Longitude: 37°32'E


10:54 SWSFC: SpectRe to coach NT Russia for the current WCQ

A little bit too late as it has already started :)
Awaiting kind of very interesting campaign ahead of us :)
Again want give my sincere thanks to all of you who voted for me and made this happen! :)
We have a very tough group this time but will try to show our best and reach the goal to qualify!

GO RUSSIA GO! :) CROATIA, we were very nice hosts for you this summer but now we're coming to you - hope you're ready and like it :)


13:10 SWSFC: One of the best ever players created by SWSFC youth academy!!! :)

Teofil' Pavlovskiy ((440392064))
Rossiya 17 years and 1 day

A controversial person who is temperamental and honest.
Has wretched (2) experience and solid (7) leadership.

Total Skill Index (TSI): 1 730
Wage: 19 600 ₽/week

Injuries: Healthy
Specialty: Head
HTMS Points: Ability: 489 / Potential: 2129

Deadline: 09.12.2018 14:53

Asking price: 0 ₽

Current skills

Keeper: 1/20disastrous(1)
Defending: 8/20excellent(8)
Playmaking: 5/20inadequate(5)
Winger: 4/20weak(4)
Passing: 4/20weak(4)
Scoring: 5/20inadequate(5)
Set Pieces: 2/20wretched(2)


19:28 Moscow Batmans: Первый блин - комом!

В первом матче нового менеджера нам противостоял также новичок лиги, но идущий на первом месте. Все практически получилось, но оплошность в конце матча.... испортила и смазала все эмоции и ожидания от нового менеджера. Однако, Вера в его возможности, почему то только укрепилась. Даже молодой состав выглядел очень уверенно! Гол новичка Кофи дает уверенность и надежду в больших изменениях!


16:35 Moscow Batmans: Второй раз - В первый класс!

Приветствуем всех гейм-мастеров. Начинаю повторный заплыв. Посмотрим насколько и на что хватит сил! Да прибудет с нами ..... Разум и удача)


19:26 SWSFC: SWSFC among all-time top 10 number ones in the Global Ladder!!!

After another victory over one of our all-time-often-met in different kinds of competition rivals - Galway Bay Salmons FC from Ireland - our club made it in the list of the Global Ladder top achievers.
Interesting fact is that this so much HT-credit consuming Global Ladder was found appropriate to play in after having got to the semi-final of the Supporter Week Trophy some seasons ago thus having received the Diamond Supporter subscription reward.... semi-final lost to... easy to guess - to the Galway Bay Salmons FC :)
That's another case proving history moves around the circles :)
New challenge for the top spot coming tomorrow... the game VS... again the Galway Bay Salmons FC :)


1 . SWSFC2nd  Premier Liga
3 . una vita felice3rd  II.2
4 . Krivye Nogi3rd  II.3
5 . Plan 9 Iz Kosmosa4th  II.3
6 . FC Scythians5th  II.2
7 . Inscittica5th  II.1
8 . Moscow Region6th  II.4
9 . Paranoiki8th  II.4
10 . Forza Pisar8th  II.1
11 . RW Rostokino1st  III.9
12 . Svirepye Utki1st  III.1
13 . FC Rublevka1st  III.7
15 . Evtektika1st  III.13
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