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World Cup History

World Cup

Name Host Finished Champion
World Cup INippon/Hanguk4-28-2002Sverige
World Cup IIArgentina12-8-2002Sverige
World Cup IIINederland7-20-2003Sverige
World Cup IVUSA2-29-2004Norge
World Cup VEspaña10-10-2004Sverige
World Cup VIBrasil5-22-2005Sverige
World Cup VIIChina1-1-2006Sverige
World Cup VIIIDeutschland8-13-2006Deutschland
World Cup IXRossiya3-25-2007Eesti
World Cup XPortugal11-4-2007Portugal
World Cup XIBelgium6-15-2008Česká republika
World Cup XIIColombia1-25-2009Rossiya
World Cup XIIIHellas9-6-2009Deutschland
World Cup XIVPrathet Thai4-18-2010Hellas
World Cup XVSouth Africa11-28-2010Norge
World Cup XVIIndia7-10-2011Danmark
World Cup XVIITrinidad & Tobago2-19-2012Chile
World Cup XVIIIIsrael9-30-2012Polska
World Cup XIXCrna Gora5-12-2013Bulgaria
World Cup XXTounes12-22-2013Suomi
World Cup XXIBrasil8-3-2014Chile
World Cup XXIIAndorra3-15-2015Chile
World Cup XXIIIIndonesia10-25-2015Canada
World Cup XXIVEesti6-5-2016Nederland
World Cup XXVFrance1-15-2017Nederland
World Cup XXVIGuatemala8-27-2017Italia
World Cup XXVIIOceania4-8-2018Italia
World Cup XXVIIILatvija11-18-2018România
World Cup XXIXHrvatska(Ongoing)

U-20 World Cup

Name Host Finished Champion
U-20 WC IDeutschland8-18-2002Sverige
U-20 WC IIOceania3-30-2003Sverige
U-20 WC IIIRomânia11-9-2003România
U-20 WC IVMisr6-20-2004Norge
U-20 WC VChile1-30-2005România
U-20 WC VIItalia9-11-2005Eesti
U-20 WC VIIMéxico4-23-2006Norge
U-20 WC VIIIIsrael12-3-2006Sverige
U-20 WC IXMalaysia7-15-2007Deutschland
U-20 WC XPerú2-24-2008Eesti
U-20 WC XISuomi10-5-2008România
U-20 WC XIIKenya5-17-2009Italia
U-20 WC XIIICanada12-27-2009Deutschland
U-20 WC XIVIran8-8-2010Deutschland
U-20 WC XVBosna i Hercegovina3-20-2011Belgium
U-20 WC XVIPolska10-30-2011Italia
U-20 WC XVIIPanamá6-10-2012Deutschland
U-20 WC XVIIISuomi1-20-2013Nederland
U-20 WC XIXNorge9-1-2013Suomi
U-20 WC XXItalia4-13-2014Italia
U-20 WC XXIBelgium11-23-2014Norge
U-20 WC XXIIRomânia7-5-2015Deutschland
U-20 WC XXIIIFøroyar2-14-2016Nederland
U-20 WC XXIVCôte d’Ivoire9-25-2016Deutschland
U-20 WC XXVPakistan5-7-2017Schweiz
U-20 WC XXVIUSA12-17-2017Danmark
U-20 WC XXVIIEl Salvador7-29-2018România
U-20 WC XXVIIISverige3-10-2019Italia
U-20 WC XXIXKazakhstan(Ongoing)
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