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Uvodni članci

Player contribution details

2007-10-08 09:59:00

This editorial contains a detailed, position by position, description of all changes to player positions and individual orders in the new match engine.

Goalkeepers have up to now only benefited from the goalkeeping skill, from now on it will also be valuable to teach them how to control and manage their defense which they will do using the defending skill. Out of the total contribution for a goalkeeper slightly more than 25% will be defending, but the goalkeeping skill will contribute around 5% less compared to today. (The goalkeeping skill contribution may be reduced again in the future)

Central Defenders
Normal: Will start to use their playmaking skill and contribute about a quarter as much as a normal inner midfielder. Their contribution to the central defense is (very) slightly reduced.
Towards wing: Will also use their playmaking skill (but not as much as a normal one) and get some benefit from their winger skill (but not as much as any wing back). Compared to today they will be more than 50% better on defending in the middle but their side defense will be around 10% worse.
Offensive: Will be much better on defending (both in the middle and on the side) than before, almost ¾ as good as a normal defender. They will be better playmakers than normal defenders, but more than 10% less powerful than today.

Wing backs
Normal: Around 15% better defenders (both side and central) and wingers (side attack) than before. Playmaking will also be used, similar to a central defender towards wing.
Defensive: Defensively they will be just as good as today, just a tiny bit better contribution to the central defense. But they will use more than 3 times more of their winger skill (still significantly less (but not as much as 50%) than a normal wing back) and a tiny bit playmaking.
Towards middle: Increased contribution (around 25%) to the side defense. Will contribute just as much to the wing attack as a defensive wing back and use as much playmaking as a normal wing back.
Offensive: Will be a much better defender (around 50% centrally and 25% on the side) than before, but will lose some (around 15%) winger power. The playmaking contribution will remain the same (slightly more than a normal wing back).

Normal: Will remain almost the same, but with slightly more contribution to the defense (side and central). Their passing skill will also start to give some contribution to the middle attack.
Defensive: Almost twice as much winger contribution than before and a tiny, tiny bit better defense. Will also use their passing skill in order to benefit the middle attack (but less than a normal one), but lose some passing contribution on the side attack. Their playmaking contribution remains the same, somewhat less than a normal winger.
Towards middle: Will contribute more than 50% more with the winger skill and become much better defensively - slightly more defensive contribution centrally and slightly less on the side compared to the normal order. On the other hand their playmaking skill will not contribute as much as before (some 20% less) and their passing skill contribution will also be reduced, especially in the middle.
Offensive: Reduced (about 20%) winger contribution, but will get more out of their passing skill both on the side (~15% increase) and now also in the middle (similar to a winger towards middle). They will also almost get a 30% increase of their defensive contribution on the side.

Inner midfielders
Normal: Will remain almost the same, just a bit better defensively (central and side).
Defensive: Will contribute a tiny bit more to the defense (central and side) and get almost a 50% boost of their passing skill (middle and side). They will however also lose a tiny bit of playmaking contribution compared to a normal inner.
Towards wing: Will be significantly stronger than before; better playmakers (but slightly worse than a def/off), more than twice as good wingers and more than 50% better passers (side/middle). They will contribute much more (about 50% more) to the central defense, but a bit less to the side defense.
Offensive: Will contribute to the playmaking as a defensive midfielder. Will have about 20% more benefit (central/side) out of their defending skill.

Normal: Will start to benefit from the winger skill (below half as much as a forward towards wing). Scoring will contribute about 20% less to the side attacks, instead passing will contribute to the side attacks (more than the loss of scoring).
Defensive: Winger skill will contribute to the side attacks (but less than a normal fw). Scoring will contribute more in the middle, but much (almost 50%) less on the side. Passing will contribute much more instead. A technical fw will receive even more bonus on their passing skill (but the bonus is not that big this time).
Towards wing: Will lose about 1/3 of their winger contribution and almost as much scoring on the side, instead passing will contribute more (but less than the total loss of winger/scoring). Scoring will matter about 20% more, and passing a bit less, in the middle.

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