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Developers Conference

As announced in the editorial on the 11th february 2019, Hattrick's developers will meet for a conference this month (in March), to reach new goals and facilitate an exchange. As part of the community, Hattrick Press wanted to share all wishes, suggestions and advices from the community. For a proper future.

Dear Hattrick-Developers,

in the light of the positive development, we would like to thank you for your great engagement. For years, days and hours of handling - and for your nice delicate care about Hattrick! We really enjoy the results of your tactful work deeply. Over years - day by day. It seems, that Hattrick has been only for a long time ago in downtime(s) and now: we got impressions that nearly every week things getting splendid, easier and better to use.

Therefore, THANK YOU!

With these terms - we would like a new focus on community engagement. Basically, as acknowledgement that Hattrick is a social game and that people running for social conversations where they can and should charge for a lot of things, but not for social features. As you triggered in the editorial, the community would like to share inspirations with you. Including these small advices. When we play Hattrick.

This initiative is based on the huge interest of members that have been ask for which actual burning desire they do have - and how they do like to use Hattrick today - and in the near future. We are aware of a possible irrelevance in this initiative in compare to all hattrick users over the world, although we stepped up 10 days in the global forum and further on the actual biggest community stage (in Germany). Forcing these points into separated categories, we are aware that this feedback is just a shortcut and its not about usability - because we are finally not able to receive frequency data according to long or short-clicks nor serviceable life or bounce rates at all. Here, we go for the results:


Ideas: 137 | Included users: 74

In frequent terms of this initiative,
thanks go to

(9489679), (13289066), (9702339), (1655048), (12877892), (5401566), (13271163), (9709772), (3070558), (13121621), (6898566), (4748319), (2396393), (1510647), (12966712), (98928), (2581726), (10553652), (3072722), (3911874), (3856975), (10512161), (12467188), (13450587), (13254335), (10229713), (2255705), (8710263), (6390720), (12508540), (13079964), (8706669),(9842375), (13226703), (8380039), (4559511), (8615185), (12909457), (10422336), (11719892), (11999462), (7629133), (12388536), (1987984), (12371654), (186692), (10830096), (13392329), (10255306), (11884844), (12839714), (12558268), (13029256), (9660840), (13098877), (8865918), (13458064), (184842), (13358867), (133421959), (13327213), (7942817), (341792), (8854905), (4162713), (126108949), (8377372), (124592289), (184842), (9567451), (13466613), (13141222), (12341377), (9312607)

2019-03-01 12:38:48, 4750 visninger

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