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Welcome in 2022: a new season of harehunt

The global ladder is a wonderful place with a lot of different teams from all around the world. Normally it is very peaceful, however peace is threatened by a army of hares. Join the harehunt, season 2022, and help us to restore peace!

Global ladder: a brief introduction
‘Harehunt’ has everything to do with the Global ladder. May 2013, Hattrick introduced the ladder-competitions, in addition to the normal competiton and cupmatches. The goal of a ladder is to try to reach the number 1 position and become the ‘King of the Hill’. And then stay there for as long as you can. To reach the top you challenge other teams listed above you in the ladder, and if you win you take their place in the ladder. Challenging a other team costs 1 credit, but you will get the credit back when you win the match.
On the webpage with the Global-ladder you can find different statistics like ‘Top winning streak’.
Link to the global ladder:

Global ladder: peaceful
The global ladder is the only place in Hattrick where all teams around the world can meet each other. It’s therefore a wonderful place with a lot of different teams. Old veterans, who won titles in the past. Newcomers, who are dreaming of winning titles. Mid-table teams. Teams fighting relegation. Teams from Asia, Africa, all around the world. And on the global ladder they all live in peace with each other.

The hares are threatening peace
We see teams (trying to) enter the top-5 winstrike list on the global ladder. Not by seriously climbing the ladder and playing competitive games, but by finding the weakest opponent that give them a sure win. In the Dutch language we speak of a 'laffe haas', meaning something like 'coward hare'. The weakest teams they beat are our brothers, our elderly and our kids. We can’t let that happen, especially not in 2022

To stop the hares, and protect the vulnerables, a couple of Dutch managers started with the harehunt. To make the Global ladder a peaceful place again. How does it work? It is simple: enter the global ladder and challenge teams (you need one credit) with a winning streak of +20 or higher. And beat them!
On the Dutch forum we have a topic dedicated to the harehunt: (17390963.1)

Welcome in 2022: joint the harehunt!

Feel free to comment the article or explain if you enjoy ladders, and how you play them, here on Global forum: (17463025.1)

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