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House rules

Commercial messages

The Hattrick forums, guestbooks, team pages and other areas of public view are no place for users to post commercial messages. The guiding principle is that as a Hattrick user, you should not have to be exposed to content that other users post for their own real-life benefit.

This does not mean that you can't mention a company name or product when the context calls for it. But if you abuse this rule, and try to push commercial messages for any reason, we may delete them, fine you, or even ban you from Hattrick. Discussion is OK, promotion is not. It is considered spam and a pollution of our common space.

In the non-Hattrick forums we generally allow threads about, for example, other sites and online games. We do this as a service to our users and only as long as this openness is not being exploited for commercial reasons. If other companies start treating Hattrick as a free marketing channel, or if promotional links and affiliate links are being posted in our forums, we may blacklist these products and the users who have posted them. Regrettably, we have already had our share of commercial spam in Hattrick and we don't want to see it again.

Hattrick itself will occasionally use the forums for promoting partner activities and/or partner products. We try to limit our forum activity to purely game related stuff, but of course we have to be able to communicate to our users also about other things, even commercial topics, if needed.

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