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House rules

Forum rules and moderators

We are very proud of our community, and especially the forum spirit and activity. In the Hattrick forums there are a number of appointed Moderators (or Mods) who is there to help users in need, but also to make sure our forums are enjoyable to visit. When visiting the forums the general rules of behaviour apply as always, but some forum rules also apply to keep the friendly spirit in the forums. Some forums have additional specific rules, and these can always be found in the sticky topic in the relevant forum. The Moderators have the authority to issue forum bans and warnings as a way to uphold the rules.

GameMasters also have moderation rights, and can deal with severe violations (which can cause complete suspension from the game). Please remember that having Supporter doesn't prevent you from forum bans, and Supporter features will not be refunded in case of such.

The Moderators' decisions can be appealed to the Senior Moderators, whose decisions can't be contested. Please be aware that punishments that are under appeal can be increased or decreased once a final decision has been made.

In the forum areas of Hattrick you must follow our rules of behaviour. Moreover, it is not permitted to:

- Spam, e.g. multiple posting of the same message.
- Bump threads (posting merely to promote yourself or a certain thread).
- Make posts with provocations and trolling.
- Swear or use profane language excessively.
- Post racist, sexist or personal attacks; attacks on a specific nation or religion.
- Post political and religious discussions.
- Make cheating accusations (use the report cheaters page instead).
- Request help with or promote illegal software downloads or software CD-keys or to ask for torrents and/or streams for (sporting) events.
- Pretend to be an HT official when you are not.
- Discuss official decisions regarding specific users or cases, or publish correspondence with HT officials without permission.
- Use (desolate) public forums as you would a fed forum. Please respect that league and youth league forums are intended to promote communication between the members of those leagues, and while visitors are welcome it is not permitted by guests to use such forums for unrelated discussions.

Federation forums
Federations forums (a Supporter feature) are meant to be a more private part of Hattrick, where the federation members themselves can set up their own agenda and their own rules to some extent. However in federations it is not allowed to:
- post about anything that is considered illegal by law (including links to illegal material and real life threats)
- use federations as a platform to promote hate speech
- organise or plan activities that intentionally are designed to attack or provoke other users, including Hattrick Officials
- publishing any staff correspondence without the explicit consent of Hattrick Officials

For other behavioural issues the federation presidents are responsible and they have the means to deal with them as they see fit. They have the possibility to delete inappropriate messages and can remove members from the federation and can appoint federation moderators to assist them with maintaining order on the federation forum. At the same time you also can choose to leave the federation yourself to avoid conflicts escalating.
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