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12-9-2021 Elections coming up!

With the World Cup nearing its end with the final being played tomorrow, it is also time to elect the next NT coaches.

If you want to become a candidate, you must actively register as one.

Registration opens Friday 7:00 (CET), and voting starts on Monday and continues for one week. Elections are held for all 144 Hattrick leagues that can compete in the World Cup.

Your candidate speech will automatically be posted as a thread in the national forum of the league of which you are a candidate - do not miss the chance to answer the questions of the community!

To become a candidate for the elections or to vote in the elections, you need to have been a user for at least one season - this is in order to reduce various kinds of elections abuse.

Let the campaigns begin!

12-7-2021 Series swapping

As usual, the HFA will allow some teams to swap series over the close season:

• This swapping window will be open from Thursday 9th 00:00 to Friday 10th December 23:59 (CET)
• HTI teams are only able to swap until Friday 16:00 (CET) due to the creation of the matches for the upcoming season
• You can only swap your series if you play in one of the lowest three division levels in your country
• You can only swap your place with a bot team from your own division level
• You can only swap once and it can't be undone, so make sure you really want to swap series

You can swap places with a bot from the series page of the bot. A link will appear after the bot team in the table. Note that you can only swap places with a bot team (having the "robot logo"), and not with an ownerless team which has not been botified yet.

12-2-2021 Choose your sponsor, and choose well

Sponsors are a major source of revenue for all Hattrick teams, but a part of the game that hitherto has offered no interesting choices for managers. With our new sponsor system we hope to change that.

Before the start of each season, you have the chance to pick one sponsor contract out of five offers. All contracts have one guaranteed part, which is paid out weekly and which is the same no matter which sponsor you pick. This part will always be the larger part of your total sponsor income.

But the offers also have a flexible part. Here, you can play it safe, or take some risk with a potential higher pay-off. Contracts can have one or several performance-based bonus part, based for example on matches won, goals scored, or promotion placements.

It’s up to you as a manager to pick one that fits your risk profile and the strengths of your team.
If a manager chooses nothing, a default (and safe) option will be picked automatically. Recently created teams will also get this option automatically.

Oh, and another thing: Sponsors will now have names, and a discreet logo as well. The companies are fictitious ones, inspired by the wider Hattrick world.

We hope the extra manager decision point, and this new window for story-telling in the game, will make for a good addition to Hattrick.

11-29-2021 Transfers and the Board

In our editorial back in March we announced changes to the transfer market that would prevent the use of “Gold Bar” players, that is, owning certain players that lose value very slowly and using them to circumvent the spending limits of the Board Reserves.

In the new system the Board may decide to keep cash in Board Reserves when selling players that have not been playing frequently for the club. This is still how this will work, but we have made important changes to this mechanism since it was first announced.

The Board will now only consider keeping the cash in Board Reserves if the player being sold is either a Goalkeeper (Solid or above) or if the player has at least solid leadership and inadequate experience. In other words: If the player you are trying to sell fits the description of a “Gold Bar” player AND if this player has not been used in a meaningful way in actual matches for your team, you run the risk of transfer proceeds from the player being placed in Board reserves rather than into your cash. With this final tweak to the system, we want to avoid these new rules becoming a nuisance to normal users who never considered storing cash in this way.

Most of the Hattrick managers will never need to think about this new mechanic. And if you think one of your players may be affected by the rule, it is easy to see if that is the case: Just like with agent fees, you will be told if the Board intends to keep any of the remaining transfer proceeds, and you will be told before placing the player on the market. 

We also think this is a fair solution to holders of these players. No money will be confiscated, but this money will be restricted so it can only be used within the spending limits that already exist in the game.

We also want to add that the definition of a “Gold Bar” player could change in the future, if we see that managers try to circumvent the rules again and place money in other player types.

11-12-2021 Arena designer in the app

It is time to give the new Arena designer another small update.

We have made it possible to use the designer also in our mobile app, and we have also improved the support for mobile/touch interfaces in general.

In addition to this, the weather animation makes a return as well. We have also added an undo/redo function and Y-axis movement for the design interface.

Finally, we fixed some bugs and also made the designer fit better on smaller screens. We hope you will enjoy the new version!

10-27-2021 Summer time ends!

On Sunday morning, summer time (Daylight Saving Time) ends, and the clock switches back to standard Central European Time. This means that the hour between 02:00 and 03:00 CET Time occurs twice. Of course all matches, transfers and so on will happen just once.

10-25-2021 “Your mission, should you choose to accept it”

Today, a new feature goes live. Most of you will not see it for now, but we wanted to tell you what Missions are, so that if you one day get one, you know what the fuss is all about.

A Mission is a story-based event that can be triggered at certain points in your Hattrick career. It will be a kind of challenge that you can ignore or accept, and if you accept there will be a reward if you succeed, and maybe also a penalty if you fail. We will never explain when a mission may happen, but the rules will always be applied in the same way to all teams. If two teams satisfy the criteria, both will get it.

Our first Missions are relatively minor affairs, directed at teams and managers that for different reasons may be at risk to lose interest in Hattrick. But we do envision Missions that could happen at any stage of your Hattrick life.

To give one example of a Mission being introduced now: If you play in the lowest division of a league, and you have no chance of promotion, you could be offered a new unique goal for the rest of your season - let’s say to improve your league position. If you do, there will be a reward.

Missions rewards are balanced so they don’t disrupt the competition, and they are also balanced in such a way that teams can never repeat a Mission once it has been tried once. We see this as a nice format to create secondary goals and agendas in the game, hidden to other teams, as well as a way to introduce incentives for certain user groups or play styles, that may need a nudge.

As always, the real purpose is for everyone to have just a tiny bit more fun - so we hope you like it!

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