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3-6-2021 UnicoGrandeAmore takes Masters trophy

On Thursday evening Los sureños (mendruguillos II) from Bénin and UnicoGrandeAmore from Italy faced each other in the Hattrick Masters final. The winner of the 77th edition? You will get to find out at the end of this message if you didn't already get it from the headline.

Most spectators probably had fallen asleep when finally some action occurred on the pitch in a match that felt like it was more of a tactical exercise. With 2 goals just seconds before the referee blew the half-time whistle, there was at least something to discuss while the players were enjoying their tea. Luckily the scorekeepers hadn't fallen sleep yet and so those who had missed the goals at least knew the current standing, 1 - 1.

For those who had hoped for a better second half - tough luck, as both teams appeared to have more attention for each other than for the ball. Was it all that bad today? No, everyone - well the neutral spectators at least, were relieved when in the 81st minute UnicoGrandeAmore scored for 1 - 2. Thank goodness! Now at least they wouldn't have to suffer through extra time as well. One minute of additional time was added though by the referee, maybe he wasn't tired enough already before he blew his final whistle?

Los sureños were disappointed obviously, losing is never fun. The fans of UnicoGrandeAmore had by now all but forgotten about the match they had had to endure when their captain lifted the Hattrick Masters trophy. It's theirs!

Our congratulations go to UnicoGrandeAmore and their manager ziubelu.

3-4-2021 Improved Lineup Simulator

Last year, Platinum supporters voted for their favourite new Supporter feature and the runaway winner was an improved Lineup Simulator.

In this new version, we are making it possible to simulate Weather, Venue, Team Spirit and Team Confidence with a custom lineup of your choice.

All users have the option to add a custom player to the simulated lineup. For Supporters (Gold and above), we are extending this limit to 11 custom players, which means you can simulate an entire lineup. Supporters will also be able to import players from the Training Planner, in essence simulating the impact of their own future players on team ratings. When importing from the Training Planner, a default amount of experience will also be added.

Like before, Supporters can also import players from the Transfer to check them out in the Lineup Simulator.

We hope you all like this new feature, which we hope will be a valuable tool for all managers out there. A special thanks goes to all Platinum supporters for taking the time to vote and helping us with the testing!

2-23-2021 Tournaments with a second chance

Today, we present a new tournament format designed to maximise the excitement of Play-Off matches by giving teams a chance to continue playing despite losing a match early on. 

After your first lost match, you are moved to a parallell bracket for losing teams, where you continue to play with other teams that have lost one match. At the end, the loser of the last match in the original bracket plays the winner of the loser path - and the winner of this match goes up against the only remaining undefeated team in the tournament for the ultimate final. 

The principle here is that no team will be eliminated before the final until having lost twice. The net effect is that more teams can have fun for longer and that the final winner will be more deserving.

Another nice feature being released today is our new way of visualizing Play-Off trees in Hattrick. These now have a much better overview, with past and future rounds being “folded in” so it is easier to see the rounds that matter at this very moment, and in larger Play-Offs you can zoom out to see an expanded view. The new Play-Off tree will be used all over Hattrick, in the Supporter Week trophy, in single elimination tournaments and in leagues with Play-Off. They are also used in upcoming National team tournaments, starting with the U20 Continental championships that will enter their Play-Off stages at the end of March.

This new double elimination tournament mode is available to anyone setting up their own competition using Hattrick Credits. If you have no credits, but are a Hattrick Supporter, you are still in luck! We are giving out 20 free Hattrick Credits to all Supporters, our way of thanking you for being patient while we replace the Flash-based Kit and Stadium designers. The new versions are currently being tested, and we hope to be able to release them soon.

Meanwhile, please enjoy our new tournaments!

2-3-2021 Interim election for new leagues

There are 16 leagues in Hattrick that recently got their first U20 national team coaches and that will compete in the Continental Championships this season.

Next season it is time for them to also get proper senior national teams, and for this reason we will now arrange a new round of interim elections for those leagues. Just like we did for the U20 in the run-up to this season, the role of these interim coaches will be to prepare their communities, start scouting and start planning for next season. The national teams will exist, but they will not be able to play matches until next season.

The interim election itself works just like a normal election. At the start of next season, there will be new “proper” elections for these leagues, along with the elections for all other leagues, and then the interim coaches can run again, if they want.

Candidates interested in running can submit their candidatures from Friday February 5. Voting starts on Monday February 8 and ends on Sunday February 14.

The league offices up for grabs are: São Tomé e Príncipe, Comoros, Sri Lanka, Curaçao, Guam, RD Congo, Ītyōṗṗyā (Ethiopia), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Madagasikara, Botswana, Myanmar, Zambia, San Marino, Haiti and Puerto Rico.

2-1-2021 Hattrick Masters draw

The Hattrick Masters starts next week on Monday. The draw for this season's edition will take place today at 15:00 (CET).

1-15-2021 Follow today’s live draws

Today we will draw the groups for the new Continental Championships, which will be held for all U20 national teams this season.

One of the new features of these competitions is that match times will be better suited to the local users, and the same is true for the live draws.

Thus they will be held at four different times today, and early tomorrow. These same times will be the match hours for the championships once they get underway.

Visit the World page and click U20 to follow the action. The live draw times are:

Friday 12.00 (HT): Asian-Oceanian Cup
Friday 20.00 (HT): Euro Cup
Friday 21.00 (HT): African Cup
Saturday 01.00 (HT): American Cup

We hope you will enjoy the live draw!

1-11-2021 U20 World Cup again won by Germany

On a cloudy Sunday evening Germany and Oceania played the U20 World Cup final. Both teams had their own approach to the game and it was going to be interesting to see how this would play out. In the end however it were the Germans who pulled the longest straw and became U20 World Champions for the 8th time in the Hattrick history. Final score was 2 - 1.

The best chances were for the Oceanians in the beginning of the game. They showed off their counter attacking skills, but unfortunately they were less successful in finishing of these chances. The first chance for the Germans after little more than half an hour into the match however immediately went in and gave the 'Mannschaft' a 1 - 0 lead. 6 minutes later the score was equalized after Germany forgot to convert a few good chances, 1 - 1. The half-time whistle blew after each off the teams managed to miss an opportunity to take the lead again. The half-time score was tied into 1 - 1.

After 6 minutes played of the second half, the Oceanians had their 'What if' moment when Germany took the lead, 2 - 1. A few minutes earlier a good chance wasted by the men from Down Under. As the game progressed, Oceania seemed to be tired as they came nowhere near scoring an equalizer. The Germans quite satisfied with how things were going did not put in much effort to make things more exciting and why should they. After 92 minutes the referee decided it was time for the ceremonies and he blew the final whistle. The U20 World Cup trophy is for Germany.

Congratulations to Germany and their manager Hardy_HH.

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