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The Seniors

2007-05-23 10:00:00

You’ve been told many times that GMs and Mods have got internal and ranked organizations in order to cover all GM- and Mod-related aspects of the game. Well, let us introduce now a bit of these so famous organizations and show you a part of what's going on in the backstage to increase transparency and fairness!

Even if our last poll (you can read the editorial here) showed a very nice regard and respect towards the GM and Mod crew (only 3% of you are not satisfied with their job), it’s still a challenge for us to improve this part of the game related to customer service.

The GM and Mod organizations have been working for a long time now and, being humble, quite well so far. As we said, several aspects of the game are covered by these two organizations, one of them being the handling of punishment (bans and fines) and cheating cases. Up to now, in every conference ban/fine or account locking case after the first decision is made and the user has complained about it, the general procedure is as follows. The case is reviewed by the same GM/Mod again and if it’s a clear case (most of them are really very clear) a final decision is taken. When facing a difficult or uncertain case, GMs/Mods consult each other, hand over cases for a second opinion and then make the last decision - so that the user can be sure that a fair and agreed resolution is taken. This is or should be the last stop of all cheating and punishment cases as, at this point, everything is supposed to be cleared up. However, seldom in very very special cases, a user might think that last decision is still unfair. At this step, until now, the case was forwarded to Global GMs. Yes, this last way has existed even if it hasn't been official - but this will now change!

For a short period of time, we’ll be testing an official “last appeal” system. The Senior GMs and the Senior Mods are two groups of very experienced, trusted and respected GMs/Mods who lead the GMs/Mods staff and, among other tasks, will from now on be taking the responsibility for every final decision in those so special cases. Their decision will offer the best of the securities as the case will be analyzed in depth and it will also be definitive (no need to appeal to HTs, then). That said, if a case ends up there, the decision may not only be reviewed but even harsher if needed. So, use it thoughtfully. You must be sensible and responsible and use this tool we offer all of you only in very special cases, any other subjects (normal cases, newbie questions, bug reports, game suggestions, etc.) will not be taken into account there and will automatically be deleted (or even sanctioned). Some messages may even not get any reply. “Very special cases” means that yes, 99% of the GMs/Mods decisions are correct, we trust and feel safe with our local staff decisions, so please, for your sake, do not omit that step in your complaints.

What to report then? As you’ve read, every very uncertain and special cases about locked accounts could be reported to Senior GMs, and those about conference bans or fines to Senior Mods (in both cases only to be reported by the user in question). Please remember to take any case with the local GMs/Mods first before going to the seniors though, as the general procedure for decisions will not change because of this. And needless to say, no internal details of any investigation will be provided by the seniors, just like it has always been.
You should also know that this channel is also open if you feel a certain staff member (or several) is not doing his job properly. We do know that’s important for you, but it also is for us. In that way, your information will be taken care in a strictly confidential manner.

How to appeal then? Use the contact form (MENU > Help > Contact us, and send your appeal to the senior Mods if it's a moderator decision you want to appeal, or to the senior GMs if it's a GM decison you want to appeal. You need to be able to present constructive and convincing arguments, and the appeal has to be in English as we have to make sure it's possible for us to understand and answer within a reasonable time. If you don't speak English and know your case was mistreated, you can certainly spend time to find someone to assist you with the language in order to make your case clear for us.

Why do we want to test a system like this? Because we want our judgement system not only to be as fair as possible, we also want you to know and feel it is as fair as possible. We do not know if this appealing system will work, we're afraid we will get "spammed" with cases which don't really belong here. But we really want it to work, and we're going to give it our best shot.

/The Senior GMs and Mods

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