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Hattrick Masters!

2005-12-19 11:00:00

We are pleased to announce a much debated and wanted feature, the Hattrick Masters. It is a new international competition for the best teams in Hattrick. The new competition will affect most teams in some way, so make sure you are up to speed on the changes.

An international competition has been debated for years in the forums. It has been suggested multiple times in different polls and enquiries, but we have never before been able to both find a nice format and the time to implement it. But now the time has come for the Hattrick Masters.

First the issues that will affect most teams in Hattrick: In order to squeeze the Hattrick Masters into the schedule, the regular national cup will take a break at the halfway point of the season, so match round eight in the cup will be played one week later. This means that the national cups will end one week later than usual. All teams, even those still in the national cup and those participating in Hattrick Masters, will be able to play friendly matches that week.

The Hattrick Masters is only for winners. From each league, only the winner of the top division and the cup winner will participate. If a team has managed to win the double, only one team will participate from that league. Up to 256 teams will currently fit the schedule, but that can be changed if more teams become eligible for the competition in the future. Teams participating in the Hattrick Masters will also participate in the national cup. The Hattrick Masters is an add-on, not a replacement for the national cup.

During the Hattrick Masters week, matches will be played intensively. Starting Monday morning at 08:00 HT time, subsequent rounds will be played every 12 hours. With 256 teams, eight rounds will be played, with the final on Thursday at 20:00. So for managers aiming to become the best, some real life sacrifices may be needed.

Economically, we want to reward the winner of the Hattrick Masters and in the same time we don't want the winner to gain too big an advantage over the teams in the league. The prize money is therefore the same as in the national cup. This, coupled with the spectator income, will be a nice reward for the teams in the end rounds.

I will not go into all the details about the Hattrick Masters here. You can read about all related rules in the Hattrick Masters page.

Eight weeks into the new season we will see who is the best manager in Hattrick. I can hardly wait. Can you?

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