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Big bag of goodies for our Supporters

2009-03-17 11:33:00

We are very proud to release a big upgrade of our Supporter package. This last year we have improved the site’s functionality and stability with great success, and today the site’s running very well (which we hope and think you’ve noticed). With that in mind it feels extra good to give this big bag of goodies to you who made all those improvements possible in the first place – our Supporters.

Among the goodies you’ll find a brilliant match preview feature which makes it easier for you to analyze your opponent. You get the option to create your own transfer search profiles and your own shortcuts. You’ll also find a HT-ML editor for press announcements and the guestbook, match kit sharing, federation improvements and even more included in this Supporter upgrade.

It’s definitely no understatement to say that our Supporters and the Hattrick Supporter package are very important to us. It’s our Supporters that make it possible to run Hattrick as a free game for the vast majority of our users, and it’s thanks to all of you Supporters we are able to continue to develop and improve Hattrick. During last year we made the biggest improvement to the Hattrick site as yet; we rewrote every piece of web code, wrapped it up in a new design and made some hardware improvements. It’s resulted in a very stable, reliable and functional site; so our efforts have been very well invested. We included some really nice Supporter features in the new design release, but before moving on to new projects we felt it was time to give even more back to you Supporters who made all those improvements possible. So from us - together with our most humble thanks - to you, these are the new additions:

Head to Head
We have improved the old Head to head and turned it into a magnificent match preview feature. It gives you a complete overview of your upcoming opponent, making it easier for you to analyse how to outsmart him. You can instantly see if they got any injuries or cards, if they’ve made any transfers recently and much more. You can find the new head the head feature by clicking one of your upcoming matches. The first tab is shown for everyone. Status, latest matches, history are for Supporters only.

Create and edit your shortcuts
As a Supporter you get more handy shortcuts in the top right of the page. Now, you can edit them how you want them, and create your very own shortcuts. It doesn’t get much handier than that! To edit or create your shortcuts, hover over the shortcuts icons.

Create your own transfer search profiles
You also now get the option to create your own transfer search profiles and set a default search. It is very convenient to use and a real time-saver when you make the same search daily. You can set your profiles from the transfer search.

Transfer hotlist
If any of your bookmarked players is put for sale you’ll get information about it in your My Hattrick space. You will also get the option to hotlist the player, which means his bidding status will be shown on your transfer bid page making it easier for you to follow the bidding.

Create your own custom match orders
With new lineup options it will be easier and faster for you to switch teams (eg. between your standard team and your reserves) when setting your match orders. You can add custom orders using lineup options below the match order form. You can save any of your previous match lineups or use a lineup for an upcoming match as custom orders (so to set a predefined order; first set and save orders for an upcoming match, then go back to the order form and add it a custom order under lineup options). Your player orders will also be included.

Match kit sharing
We’ve seen many amazingly nice and cool kits since we released the new kit designer in December, and now we hope to see even more. You can now share your fantastic kit designs with the community, or design a limited edition for just one or a few teams. For you who may not have the time, interest or knowledge to design your own supernatural kit; you’ll get a whole wardrobe of nice kits to choose from.

Federation improvements
We've shed some more light on the members in your federations and made the members page more interesting. You now get to see some more stuff about your fellow members; flag, team name, series standing, latest result and press announcement. We have also added latest visitor details, speed browsing among fed members and a search cloud when searching for federations.

Edit your avatar
You can let your manager avatar reflect your real mood, or the opposite. You can change the mood of your avatar by tweaking eyes and mouth. You can also change hair and skin colour as well, to have it more your way. Player faces must still be switched on in your preferences in order to get an avatar.

Blacklist user
If you for some reason don’t want a user to support you or write in your guestbook, you can add that user to your blacklist in your preferences.

HT-ML editor additions and mail archive
In this Supporter upgrade we’ve also made it possible to use the HT-ML editor when writing your press announcements or signing a guestbook. Moreover, you can now also save your sent mails from deletion in your mail archive.

No more banners
Last but absolutely not least, as a Supporter you will get no traditional banners at all. “No banner reload” has always been included in the Supporter package, but now we take it one step further and promise you no banners at all. We may still have in-game advertising (for our own products or occasional sponsor messages for example) for Supporters, but blinking, annoying banners will be like wild parrots on the South Pole: non-existent.

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