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A quick look at the engine upgrade

2010-03-19 10:44:00

This is a short summary of the engine upgrade, aimed to give you a basic understanding of this upgrade. But please also read the full description as it will give you an even better understanding and the logic behind the changes.

Contribution for central players (inners, central defenders and forwards)
A sole player in a central position contributes to 100%. Using two players means a contribution loss (affecting both), and using three means a bigger loss (affecting all three).

Size of the loss is not identical for all sectors
The size of the contribution loss is bigger for inners than for forwards, and bigger for forwards than for defenders. You should also know that the loss still affects players’ whole contribution to the team ratings.

Promoting wider and more balanced squads
Make sure your central players (central defenders, inners and forwards) don’t differ very much in strength and that your substitutes are good enough. A terrible central player may make your ratings worse if his teammates in the same area are much better.

Formation experience
You can get formation experience for three new formations, and 4-4-2 will be treated as any other formation. It will also be easier for your team to maintain experience, thanks to a buffer zone beyond excellent.

Formation experience will matter more when it comes to confusion, and high team experience will not be a guarantee to avoid confusion. How confused your players get in case of confusion also depends on your formation experience level.

Player contribution changes
Central defenders and forwards (not defensive ones) will get an overall boost, equal to the penalty two central players get. The passing contribution for technical def forwards will be tweaked down, and it will also shift to the sides rather than the middle. Wingers, wing backs and forwards will benefit a bit more from their winger skill. The keeper will lose a slight bit of his keeper contribution.

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