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Enquiry and new features

2005-04-26 20:39:00

HT-Jonas shares some thoughts on the development poll that was available a couple of weeks ago, and also some information on new ideas and suggestions.

A while ago, you had the possibility via the poll system to let us know what features you think we should implement in Hattrick. Since the poll ended, I've been reading and evaluating your answers. It's been quite fun to see what you think, but I can tell you that it took a long time going through the answers. I thought that we should provide some feedback on the poll, and share some information to you.

First off, some numbers. Numbers and statistics are always fun. Roughly 15 000 of you sent suggestions in the poll, totalling roughly 35 000 suggestions. Not all were unique though. Not surprising anyone, the single most popular suggestion was Champions League/international cups/etc. About 1 500 ideas were along the lines of international cups. At this point, I'd like to point out that it isn't the popularity of a certain feature that determines whether or not it will be implemented, but the quality of the idea.

One feature suggested in the poll has already been implemented; the ball-possession-graph in match reports. It was a simple idea, and had that the obviousness attached to it that struck us like "Why haven't we done this along time ago?". Some suggestions in the poll have this "star quality", but isn't as easily implemented. They will probably be implemented in the future, but as usual, we don't give heads-up or predictions on future features.

Will we do another poll like this in the future? Right now, it seems unlikely. It took quite a lot of time to go through the answers. But as always, if you have a good idea: Discuss the idea in the conferences to possibly refine it to an even better suggestion. Then, e-mail it to your local GM, and they will make sure that we are informed about the idea.

To those of you that participated in the poll: Thank you for your ideas and for your time. It has been very valuable for us.

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