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Player loyalty

2011-10-03 09:00:00

In the Hattrick world, players haven't really cared about which team they're playing for or if they're transferred a lot between team. Which is a bit odd if you think about it! In real life it takes some time for a player to get to know the club and the other players – but when he does settle in he also starts to play a little bit better.

From the start of next season we will add a new concept to the game simulating this: Loyalty.

Keeping your players for a longer period of time will make them more attached and loyal to your team, which in turn will positively affect their performance on the pitch.

With loyalty we want to make it more beneficial to keep players over a longer period of time, and to promote the career choice to build your team around home-grown players.

This concept will be introduced gradually over two seasons. Players will get half the bonus effect next season and then the full effect from the season thereafter (starting in February).

Now to the details. There are two different kinds of loyalty:

Player loyalty bonus
For each consecutive day you keep a player in your team, he will get a little bit more attached and loyal to your team. And the more attached and loyal he gets, the better he will play.

Loyalty is gained faster in the beginning, then slower and slower over time. Maximum loyalty is reached after three seasons, but the halfway point is reached after 12 weeks.

Maximum bonus: +1 skill level on all skills (stamina excluded), after 3 seasons (336 days).

Example: Tommy Wright is a solid playmaker with passable defending, and he has max (divine) loyalty. He will then perform as if he was an excellent playmaker with solid defending (and this will also be reflected in his star rating).

A player's loyalty level will be shown on the player page (visible for everyone), using the same denomination scale as player skills. When a player reaches divine loyalty he gets the full bonus. Your youth players start with divine loyalty.

Please note that a player loses his loyalty to your club if you sell him to another club. So if you later buy him back, you have to build up his loyalty from scratch again.

Mother club bonus
Players that play for their mother club, such as your youth players, and have done so through their whole career always give a little bit extra on the pitch, as they hold a special place for the club in their hearts.

Bonus: +0.5 skill level on all skills (stamina excluded).

Players that have been playing for their mother club their whole career will be indicated with an icon on their player page. Please note that any youth players you've sold and then re-bought will not get this bonus.

Gaining both bonuses
It is perfectly possible for a player to get both bonuses. So when you promote a youth player (it naturally doesn't matter which youth system you use) to your senior squad, he will get a 1.5 skill level bonus on all skills (excluding stamina) until you sell him.

Your players' history counts
Your players' history in your club counts when this is released, so any player that has been in your team for the last 3 seasons (or more) will get divine loyalty from the start next season.

National teams and loyalty
There are no loyalty bonuses for national teams, so any loyalty bonus is not applied in national team matches.

New staff status
To conclude this editorial a short update on the new staff system. As I told you in my last editorial on June 29th, we started working on the new staff system during this season but at the time we didn't know if it would be ready for release in October. Now we do: work with the new staff system is in progress, but unfortunately it will not be ready for release at the end of this season.

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