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Supporter 2.0

2012-12-03 14:30:00

There are times when we add some great new features to our Supporter package. This is not one of those times. This time it's a lot more than that!

Today we release a major upgrade of Supporter - well one can almost say it’s a new version of Supporter. Included in this Supporter upgrade are some really, really nice new features (it’s not like we would skip that part in an upgrade) like Transfer prospects, Club themes and a Club logo editor.

We also make some old Supporter features such as player faces, player numbers, fan club name and prize shelf available to everyone. And non-Supporters will also get to make a basic club logo using the new Club Logo editor.

It's been over 11 years since we released Hattrick Supporter for the first time. Since then we've continually added new features to Supporter making it the great package it is today. One thing we haven't done during these years, however, is to redefine what Supporter is or what it should be in the future.

During the autumn we have done just that, which has been a very invigorating process and has also changed our view on Supporter. This has resulted in a new Supporter presentation on the site, but foremost it has resulted in us making some features we don't see belonging in the Supporter package any longer available for everyone. And adding some really valuable new features to Supporter, of course!

Let's start with the new added Supporter features:

Transfer prospects
The transfer prospect feature helps you find that special player you're searching for on the transfer list. If your transfer search comes up with 10 results or fewer, you will get the possibility to add a transfer prospect. We will then continually check all new transfer listings and notify you whenever a player matching your search criteria is placed on the transfer list.

You can have 2 active prospects at a time, and each prospect is active for 2 weeks.

Club logo editor
With the club logo editor you can easily create your own club logo with a simple interface. This is particularly aimed at those of you who don't have the time, interest or perhaps skill to create a logo yourself externally. You can naturally still upload/keep your own logo, if you rather prefer that.

Club theme
With this you can choose your own theme for your club - you can upload your own background picture and choose menu colours to make it fit with your team identity. This theme is then shown for everyone visiting your club.

If you as a Supporter don't want club themes to be displayed, you can turn them off in your preferences.

Find similar player
This is a small but nifty feature that pretty much does what it says - find a similar player on the transfer list. You can find it (binocular icon) on any player who skills you can see - clicking it copies the player's top skills to the transfer search form. From there you just have to press search (or adjust it as you please first).

To gain immortality you can drink the elixir of life. Or become a vampire. Or just be a Supporter from now on! As long as you're a Supporter your team will not be deactivated or deleted because of inactivity (normal bankruptcy rules and house rules still apply).

Supporter features that will now be available for everyone
As I mentioned above there are a number of Supporter features that we don't see belonging in the Supporter package any more, they fit better as free features. These features will as a result be available for everyone from now on. So, these are the new features for non-Supporters:

Player faces, player numbers and player statements will make your players come alive. This will also mean you will get to see your team photo.

You will now be able to name your fan club and see your trophies on your prize shelf. On the forums you can set your forum signature, you can create custom mail folders plus you also get access to historical standings and travel stats on your series page.

And last but not least, you will also get to make a basic club logo with our brand new club logo editor.

That's about it! I hope you all enjoy all these new features.

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