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The new Supporter

2013-03-05 11:33:00

We are delighted to announce exciting news about Hattrick Supporter that we believe will improve the Hattrick experience.

The biggest news is that Hattrick Supporter will no longer be just one product, it will be three! There will be a smaller and cheaper Silver tier, there will be a Gold tier (the current Supporter package) and there will be a Platinum tier for the ultimate experience – including the option to start a second team when this will be enabled in a few months from now!

In addition to this we will also start setting prices individually for each country, which means prices will change. For some it means higher prices, but for most countries the price will be lower than today.

We have felt for a long time that having only one Supporter product and the same price for it across more than 120 countries has limited the amount of users that are able to get Supporter and enjoy a better game experience. We wanted to be fair to all our players with one price globally, but as you know there are huge differences in average income levels between countries. And the reality is that in some countries, there are many players that just aren't able to upgrade to Supporter and thus miss out on a lot of the fun elements of Hattrick.

Therefore during the past 6 months we have carried out some extensive research within the Hattrick community, with the help of an external agency, to find out how to price and package the Supporter product for the future.

Silver, Gold and Platinum – the new Supporter tiers
The current Supporter package will be split up into three different tiers:

Supporter Silver: A smaller and cheaper package containing some basic community features, club profile features and statistics.

Supporter Gold: The current Supporter package (all current Supporters will of course automatically get this).

Supporter Platinum: The ultimate package where you will have unlimited access to feds, supporter slots etc and get more transfer prospect slots as well. You will also have the right to vote for upcoming Supporter features and last but not least – the option to officially start a second team and try progress through the leagues with a new club! More about these two new features below.

You can find more info about the new Supporter tiers on our comparison page.

Individual prices for each country
In addition to the new Supporter tiers we will now be setting our prices individually for each country, just like other global businesses that operate in different markets. This means for the first time in more than two years, there will be a price increase in some countries. But for most countries there will be lower prices!

The new prices are effective from today.

Second team
As mentioned above, the option to start a second team will be included in Supporter Platinum when the second team feature is enabled (it's not completed yet). Starting a second team (or club rather) means we will link another club to your user account. You will simply be able to manage two clubs separately; each club having their own squad, finances, youth team and so on. But you will handle them from the same user account. It will be one user, but two teams in that sense.

You will not be able to make any transfers between the two clubs and our aim is that you will be able to start your second team wherever you want, in your current country or any other if you prefer. In case of the former, both teams will not be able to play in the same series.

We will release the second team option in the upcoming season break (mid-May). You will get more information about it closer to the release.

Vote for Supporter features
Included in Platinum will also be the opportunity to vote for upcoming Supporter features - you will have the power to impact our future Supporter development. At least once a year we will give you a list of Supporter features to choose from - some of them very likely suggested by you in the community - and the Supporter feature that gets the most votes will be implemented!

To conclude
All in all we believe that these changes will allow even more players to enjoy the full Hattrick experience and help grow the game and the community. This will benefit both you as a player and Hattrick as a game, and allow us to keep investing in core game development and continuing to deliver a great game experience for our players!

We hope you'll enjoy it too!

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