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Hattrick Ambassadors

2013-08-02 10:00:00

Here at Hattrick we are often contacted by members who want to do more. People who have grand ideas about helping their local Hattrick communities and more. Well we want to get behind these users and give them an official platform to carry out their desires. Introducing: Hattrick Ambassadors.

Anyone who thinks they have the necessary skills can apply. There will be one or two Ambassadors from each country and they will essentially become representatives for their respective communities. Ambassadors should already be involved on some level within their local Hattrick communities and will identify interesting stories, write about them, and show them off to the rest of the world. Ambassadors will also help us on a small level with promoting the game, such as by helping us identify the best places for us to market ourselves in their own country (there's no substitute for local knowledge). Also sufficient knowledge of the english language is a requirement.

Ambassadors should be interested in helping local Hattrick communities to grow in addition to improving communications within communities, and have a desire to get involved with and promote local events to the rest of the community. Any potential Ambassador should be outgoing, social, and a very good communicator or story teller. In addition, you are going to be representing your community so being very polite and respectful at all times is a must!

If you think this is something you want to be involved in and want to apply to be the first Ambassador for your country, use the contact form to contact the Senior Ambassadors and answer the following questions (in english):

• Why do you want to become a Hattrick Ambassador?
• What skills do you possess that you feel make you perfect for this position?
• What involvement have you had in the Hattrick community in the past? Feel free to link to press articles, forum threads, and anything else you've done.
• Do you already have some ideas on how to promote Hattrick in your area outside the game? It's by no means necessary, but it would be good to read about if you do.
• Have you ever had any negative issues with GameMasters or Moderators which have resulted in bans/fines?

If you would like a more detailed description of exactly what you'd be doing as an Ambassador see below, although be aware that as an Ambassador you would also be able to influence where you direct your resources. We're here to help you!

Applications for the first batch of Ambassadors will remain open for aproximately two weeks, until Tuesday 20th August, and you'll be contacted if your application is successful. Good luck!

Ambassador Duties:

• Identify interesting stories going on within local Hattrick communities and either write about them or support others who are writing about them, to be published on Hattrick Press or Hattrick United.
• Run or help promote competitions within and between local communities, such as National Team contests and end of season challenges.
• Help identify places/methods of marketing Hattrick in their local area for the HT team to use. Build a list of contacts in their country which Hattrick can use to promote the game via a variety of marketing strategies.
• Organise or get involved with local meetups in a more official capacity. Be an official Hattrick presence at events and report back on thoughts of users, as well as write about the experience.
• Share information, tips, & stories with other Ambassadors and work together to further improve the effectiveness of the programme, in addition to finding the most interesting local content to publish globally.
• Spread the word about Hattrick on personal social media or face to face, either by using interesting stories written by Ambassadors or just in general.

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