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The New Hattrick Supporter

2006-04-19 11:00:00

We are very pleased to release a major new upgrade of Hattrick Supporter, with many brand new features as well as improvements to a few old ones.

The New Hattrick Supporter
Hattrick Supporter is very important for us; this voluntary paid service is what makes it possible to run Hattrick as a free game for the vast majority of our users. It is our belief that it should always be possible to enjoy Hattrick without having to pay for it, and that paying users should never get an in-game advantage over non-paying ones. Instead, Hattrick Supporter focuses on adding to the user experience in other ways. Federations, Bookmarks, News tickers, Newsletters, Customized Team Kits, Upload of team logos are a few of the features that come with Supporter membership. The time has come to make some exciting additions to that list.

Hall of Fame

Do you keep your veteran players around in the squad, despite the fact that they don’t cut it in the first team anymore? Well, maybe the time has come to retire them to the Hall of Fame of your club. Players that are selected for the Hall of Fame will no longer be available to play games for your team, but they will live on in the game world as honorary members of your squad, and you can see what happens in their civilian lives. And who knows - maybe they might agree to an Old Boys game or two in the future!

New Match Kit Designer

A higher degree of personalization is now available in the Supporter Match Kit Designer. Design your kits from scratch, either by using ready-made templates or by building your own designs pixel by pixel. Your kits will be used in your matches and on the team page.

Training Reports

When did that ace defender last improve his passing skill? And what are those assistant managers actually good for? With the new training report feature, Supporters get a comprehensive update each time a player in the squad reaches a new skill level or, for that matter, when he drops a skill level. The training report will archive your player development over the course of the last season as well – might come in handy when planning for future training schemes.

More Supporter Slots

The restriction to five Supporter slots was made long ago, for the simple reason that we wanted the Supporter status to be exclusive and meaningful. However, as users keep playing the game for years and years, they meet and befriend new people. For this reason, we are opening up the Supporter system to allow for more Supporter slots. We are increasing the basic number of slots to eight, and we will also award an extra slot at the beginning of each season, provided that you are a Supporter at that time.

Federation Moderators

The federations are an important part of Hattrick, and there are many federations that have become very large indeed. To make the running of large federations easier, we have added the possibility to give trusted federation members certain moderation rights in the federation forums. While the powers of these forum moderators will be somewhat limited compared to those of official Moderators, we believe it will be a great help especially for the larger Hattrick federations. Federation Moderators will be able to erase posts and rename threads in the Federation forum.

Forum Alerts in the News Ticker

Did someone reply to a post you made in the forums? You will now get an automatic message about this in the news ticker area. This will be convenient when you are trying to follow several discussions in the forum at the same time.

Flag Collection

We have added a new Flag Collection for Supporters, which will show you the current location of players that were raised in the youth system of your club.

Deleting Multiple Bookmarks

A minor addition to the management of bookmarks is the new possibility of erasing whole categories of bookmarks, not only individual bookmarks one at a time. A time-saver for the bookmark lovers out there!

Monthly Uptime Review

Each month, we will review and report how well the Hattrick site has performed. While Supporters do not pay for actually playing the game, we do want to show you that it is our ambition to keep the site running whenever our users want it. To manifest this, at the end of every month we will automatically extend your Supporter membership with a period equal to the amount of unscheduled downtime the site has had during that month.

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