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1-10-2021 Your Personal Guide to the new World Cup
6-23-2020 Summer 2020 roadmap
6-3-2020 Our Shiny New Hattrick World Cup
11-14-2019 Roadmap: Autumn 2019
5-7-2019 New match pages - and the summer roadmap
2-11-2019 Roadmap update: Winter 2019
10-1-2018 Roadmap: Autumn 2018
9-26-2018 All new Hattrick mobile apps
10-20-2017 A second look at the new match order page
8-31-2017 Man marking in Hattrick
8-30-2017 Twenty years of Hattrick!
5-9-2017 New Framework for Specialities & Special Events
3-27-2017 Hattrick International: Season 2
2-20-2017 Spring Roadmap: Orders, Training & more
12-6-2016 Welcome to Hattrick International!
10-22-2016 Hattrick Roadmap Update
8-8-2016 Introducing the new Live Viewer
2-12-2016 New Live Viewer & More
10-25-2015 New Season: Staff & Economy changes
8-18-2015 Update on match engine changes for next Season
6-23-2015 New Match Engine Details
5-4-2015 The Hattrick roadmap
9-26-2014 Next up: A proper mobile Hattrick
7-17-2014 New Cup system
7-7-2014 Supporter Diamond
7-6-2014 World Cup XXII Hosting Competition
4-18-2014 A Hattrick where every match matters
3-19-2014 A Guide to the new Staff System
3-5-2014 Better support for Hattrick apps
12-13-2013 World Cup XXI Hosting Competition
11-8-2013 New Supporter Prices
9-1-2013 A Chapter Ends, A New One Starts
8-2-2013 Hattrick Ambassadors
6-26-2013 Game news
6-18-2013 Making an even friendlier Hattrick
4-22-2013 World Cup XX Hosting Competition
3-5-2013 The new Supporter
12-5-2012 Time for autobidding
12-3-2012 Supporter 2.0
9-3-2012 World Cup XIX Hosting Competition
4-11-2012 Development news
3-13-2012 Tournaments
1-30-2012 XVIII World Cup hosting competition
11-2-2011 The Seasons Ahead
10-3-2011 Player loyalty
6-29-2011 Game news
6-7-2011 XVII World Cup hosting competition
5-23-2011 Hattrick Widgets and Hattrick United
5-9-2011 Open: A new way to play Hattrick
3-7-2011 U20 World Cup XVI - Hosting Competition
2-4-2011 In the making
1-25-2011 There is a new team in town
11-8-2010 CHPP 2.0 opens its doors
10-21-2010 World Cup XVI - Hosting Competition
10-5-2010 Up and about for next season
6-21-2010 Faster training next season
6-14-2010 Hattrick reboots
6-11-2010 U20 World Cup XV - Hosting Competition
5-15-2010 Do you have a minute..?
3-19-2010 A close look at the engine upgrade
3-19-2010 A quick look at the engine upgrade
2-24-2010 Next season: Better formation balance
12-7-2009 New match engine: More balanced results and two fixed tactics
11-23-2009 Bot to the bottom
7-9-2009 Our view on Hattrick
7-3-2009 Improving the core game is up next
5-5-2009 The pleasures of youth
3-30-2009 The HT-team of today
3-17-2009 Big bag of goodies for our Supporters
12-9-2008 Welcome to the modern world
12-9-2008 A new easy-going forum
8-12-2008 The current design is ready for retirement
6-10-2008 Conditional substitutions for youth teams
5-5-2008 Hattrick Mythbusters
4-22-2008 Mid-season update: Fans, economy and more
4-10-2008 Hattrick Masters commentary
3-31-2008 Hattrick Masters commentary
3-18-2008 Fans expectations review
2-21-2008 Project: Dotnetification
2-12-2008 Sending tickets re-thoughts and minute based training
1-28-2008 Next season: Indirect free kicks and long shots
12-18-2007 Our man at the Masters, Part II
12-17-2007 Next Season: New fan formulas
12-7-2007 Zooming in on the Youth Academy improvements
12-4-2007 Changes to the Youth Academy
12-3-2007 Our man at the Masters
11-2-2007 A Guide to the New Season
10-8-2007 Changes for the upcoming season
10-8-2007 Player contribution details
8-30-2007 Ten Years of Hattrick
8-28-2007 History revealed
7-16-2007 Stamina and Player Development News
7-13-2007 Hattrick Economy: Review and Actions
6-5-2007 The youth of today
5-23-2007 The Seniors
3-26-2007 The Youth Academy has opened
3-24-2007 The Book of Hattrick
2-5-2007 Who does what?
11-27-2006 Changes for the upcoming season
11-22-2006 New youth squad system
10-4-2006 Hattrick Masters Part II
9-20-2006 Hattrick Masters
9-18-2006 Census results
8-30-2006 Happy Birthday, Hattrick!
8-10-2006 New features and changes
7-15-2006 Hattrick Downtime FAQ
7-4-2006 Census Draw Winners
7-3-2006 Statistics revisited
6-14-2006 What we think about the World Cup
5-6-2006 Tell us what you think!
4-21-2006 Changes for next season
4-19-2006 The New Hattrick Supporter
4-18-2006 On Improving the Game
4-13-2006 The New Hattrick Design
3-19-2006 Hattrick and the Server
2-20-2006 Hattrick Masters commentaries
12-21-2005 Match engine updates
12-19-2005 Hattrick Masters!
12-5-2005 League Reform April 2006
10-7-2005 Who's Johan and who's Jonas?
8-18-2005 Statistics, statistics, statistics
6-14-2005 The relationship between the GMs and the community - final part
5-23-2005 The relationship between the GMs and the community - part II
5-18-2005 Relationship between the GMs and the community
4-26-2005 Enquiry and new features
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